MS Agent Character Creation - How to get your renders to work !

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 489 / System Requirements: Windows, MS Agent Character Builder, Irfanview - freeware image editor

If you remember the PlanetVixens Cynthia 3.0 and wanted to build your own Agent, then you probably ran into the same pixelation and transparency issues I did. It took a lot of googling and reading but I figured it out and it's really quite simple. Here's the "for Dummys" version. This tutorial is only about how to get your images to work with the MS Agent Character Builder program that you can get for free from Microsoft.

justanother1 on 5:02PM Mon, 09 March 2009

the Problems !!

Ok So you just spent 5 hours rendering animations to build a character and then you started up the character builder and dumped some in there and you get these weird pixelated pin-impression versions of your image or you got a nice looking Green backround that you can't get rid of !!
   The MS Agent software requires not only that your images are 256 color gif or bmp images, but that they use the same 256 colors in the same order - a palette. This is the old jasc paint .pal filetype. Now it will let you choose what the transparency color is. But all the transparencies have to be that exact color. The problem is when you batch convert, the program is picking the colors for you and that green actually is more than 1 color. Here's what you do. First thing were gonna use Irfanview. Its a freeware image editor, just google and get it. Next go render a file full of character animations. Then move onto the next page.

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isabellita  1:10PM Thu, 25 June 2009

how do i start

isabellita  1:09PM Thu, 25 June 2009

i want to start now!!!!