bring your poser characters to life with Desktopx

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1201 / System Requirements: poser desktopx and some freeware programs - (links)

How would you like to have your fav character as your start menu, or have them talk to you. this is so easy anyone can do it. This is a whole new way to enjoy your poser friends !!

justanother1 on 6:37AM Sat, 10 January 2009

First your gonna need some Freeware ....

 I Guess rapidshare removed my example, but you should just check out desktopx to get an idea
about what this is anyway..

your gonna need this program for sure

This one is very helpfull

and this is the one that puts it all together get the trial !!

get all of these and install, then move to the next page


Tutorial Comments

justanother1  10:34PM Sun, 03 January 2010

This is not the chatbot prog, but thats more or less what its for. The MSAgents are the characters used by some of the chatbots like UltraHal and the Cynthia 3.0 that used to reside here and even the paperclip with eyeballs that comes with MSOffice. Unfortunately I believe MS has discontinued the MSAgents and you'll need to be running XP or earlier to use these.

steveschoolman  2:28PM Sat, 18 April 2009

Hi there. How are you?

heddheld  8:32AM Thu, 05 March 2009

so wheres the rest??

daves1  9:42AM Sat, 17 January 2009

I thought perhaps a chatbot program???

daves1  9:41AM Sat, 17 January 2009

Are you using aiml?

dreamdragon  12:16PM Thu, 15 January 2009

Hello, my name is shane

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