Attempted Realism: Basics of outdoor lighting and shader use in DAZ Studio

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A beginner's tutorial regarding making your outdoor renders look as photo-real as possible.

whirlwind on 10:58AM Wed, 19 November 2008

Step One

I've created a very basic scene here, using a single building prop (Stonemason's City Courtyard) and an object (the Ferocious Tuner sportscar from DAZ.)   You could use whatever suits you.
Later, I'll also add lighting, including LightDome Pro 2 and Pendragon's Shaders.

We'll continue to modify the scene in an effort to get maximum realism, while being aware of the hit that your system will take rendering the scene.

All images were rendered at 1000x800 on a dual-core laptop, then resized for this tutorial to 800x600.

Placed the car in the scene, moved things around until I was happy with the angle of the image, and rendered. No lights added, just DAZ's defaults.

Render time: 2 minutes 2 seconds

Tutorial Comments

bigdadgib  8:30PM Wed, 13 January 2010

Awesome. Thank you

Seaview123  10:13AM Mon, 11 May 2009

This is an excellent tutorial! Thanks for the help on lighting, which has always given me headaches. Does these methods work the same for skin tones, too?

jaynep12002  9:42PM Wed, 04 February 2009

Great information. I have a lot to learn about surfaces and lights.

goofygrape  1:11AM Thu, 29 January 2009

very good tutorial lights are a problem good to see anything about them. thanks bigjohn

Crios  4:47AM Tue, 20 January 2009

Where do you've placed the distant light, what angulation?

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