using Alpha Planes in Bryce

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An easy guide in using alpha planes to create vast scenes with extremely small numbers of polygons, and therefore extremely small filesizes and memory usage

RaysOfLight on 5:02AM Fri, 28 March 2003

Setting up your Document

First load up Bryce. I'm using Bryce 5, but from what I remember, the process isn't much different for Bryce 4. My document size is set to 640*480 by default, so if you want to follow my exact steps, then you can change it by going to the [File] menu, then clicking "Document Setup...", or you can simply press ctrl + alt + N on your keyboard. Make sure the Aspect Ratio is set to 4:3. That's the ratio of your screen size, so I like to keep it that way .
When you're all done, hit the tick at the bottom right corner and come with me to the next step, where we set up our atmosphere.

Tutorial Comments

ILO2  7:14AM Sun, 12 August 2007

This is a real easy tutorial, so thanks

MagsMay  2:41AM Thu, 07 April 2005

GREAT Tutorial! You just cleared up quite a few DIH (Deer-In-Headlight) moments, and as a newbie, I am having quite a few LOL! Thank you! ;)

The3dZone  9:15PM Sat, 15 November 2003

great tutorial,i had alot of fun,now i gotta go put it use! thanks,i learned something new :0)

Dinhi  7:33PM Fri, 14 November 2003

Does leaving the render to disk shave time? lol Great tutorial....!

RaysOfLight  6:30PM Tue, 07 October 2003

excellent, thanks for that xantor.

xantor  6:27PM Tue, 07 October 2003

If You leave antialiasing off when you render the tree the first time, it looks a lot better. It doesn`t have the white "edge" around it. You can still use antialiasing in the final picture and it works well.

StarWind  2:45AM Thu, 21 August 2003

Thank you.. I just learned more about how the whole dang thing works..much less the flat planed the 10 mins it took to read this.. than the mts I have been pouring over the maual and ever tutorial i could most certainly write more.. ya make it all make some sense :) blessings

deacali  5:38PM Thu, 07 August 2003

Your tut helped me to learn the benefits of using an alpha channel. Thank you

deacali  5:36PM Thu, 07 August 2003

Your tut helped me to learn the benefits of using an alpha channel. Thank you

Ravenhair  4:04AM Tue, 03 June 2003

Thank you for your tutorial, I was always trying to find a way where I can avoid importing objects, specially from poser. I just experimented your step by step tutorial with a poser image and the results where amazing.

RaysOfLight  11:01PM Thu, 22 May 2003

that's why you render out your image that you are going to use for an alpha map WITH the elevation. like, if you're going to render it out with the camera looking down at a 15 degree angle, render the alpha map with the camera looking down at a 15 degree angle. that's where scene planning comes into play ;)

anshumangarg  10:57PM Thu, 22 May 2003

Fascinating i must say. really take the burden off my comp while rendering landscapes. One prob though, when the camera is at an ellevation, the trees look kind of wierd!

calum5  7:06PM Sat, 10 May 2003

Thankyou so much for that simple explination of using the alpha channel and its benefits!Im sure it will save me alot of time in the future!Thanks again for the Tutorial.:0)

Baldiman  12:25AM Mon, 05 May 2003

Nice tut ... but why didīnt you use the mask render instead... ?

Atila-Han  12:36PM Fri, 02 May 2003

very nice tut. i am not so new one but this trick will help my copm lot of headacke and time hehehe excellent way of learning for a new kids here in a way step-by-step. hope to see something from you again in this manner. stay cool :) )

digital_neon  5:11PM Mon, 21 April 2003

this was a great tute.I am a newbie to bryce and trying to learn as i go. most tutes i have seen so far are designed for vets or are written in a language newbs don't understand. this was perfect. i learned something that saves HOURS of render time so far...thank you!!!! please post more are a great teacher

allanw  5:53AM Wed, 16 April 2003

Nifty tute, I'll definately be using this technique in the future.

rlosch  9:24PM Fri, 11 April 2003

Very helpful -- thanks. I'm a newbie, and this is the first time that alpha planes have made sense.

Esme  9:50PM Thu, 10 April 2003

awesome babe :)

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