The Making of California 1842

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This little tutorial will take you through a detailed description of how "California 1842" was made, with main-focus on texturing and lighting.

thomaskrahn on 2:18PM Wed, 26 March 2003


Hi, and welcome to this little tutorial.

Many people has asked me to write a tutorial, both one on lighting and one on texturing so as I felt the description of this scene would do both, I wrote it :)

I won't tell in details how the rest is done, but I assume you can figure that out yourself :)

Tutorial Comments

x2ego  10:14AM Sun, 06 January 2008

Very nicely done. Too bad the accompanying pics can't be a bit bigger. Alpha plane grass? Are there any tuts on that? Thanks for the tutorial.

ashokscape  1:33AM Tue, 24 October 2006

Thank you, thank you. I want to improve my vue skills and your tutorial taught me so much and it's inspiring as well. Let me rush to your gallery!

nigelcutler01  11:50AM Thu, 10 March 2005

thanks for your time. I'm just dipping my toe in the virtual reality water, and the most frequent question on my lips is - how is that done? People like you who give their time free, are opening a few doors to us novices. Thanks

Sprryte  7:58AM Tue, 13 April 2004

Hi Thomas I just wanted to say "Thank you so much" for taking the time to create this tutorial for us - I can't wait to try out some of the things you mentioned. I was especially interested in the way you created the textures for the house/wall, and your ivey looked so realistic - everything did really - Thank you again!

FrenchKiss  12:39PM Fri, 29 August 2003

Just read this tutorial, Thomas, which I find very interesting and with some fantastic ideas! I wish you could explain how you do your alpha plane grass one day. It always looks so natural in your scenes!

nick1  1:36AM Tue, 19 August 2003

Thanks Thomas. Very helpful indeed.Keep them coming.

kenmo  9:56AM Fri, 11 July 2003

Great stuff....many thanks...

adi911  6:43AM Thu, 08 May 2003

Very good tutorial.

atlpup  11:46AM Wed, 23 April 2003

dude I love you stuff and you explain it so that anyone can understand how you do it! Thanks so much!

Mikeangelo  5:08PM Wed, 09 April 2003

An extremely useful tutorial that is very well done, thanks for your time and effort. Dave

arborist  9:54AM Tue, 08 April 2003

Very nice tutorial Thomas. We all need ideas and different perspectives on how to make our work better. Do you live in California? Blair

deevee  8:07PM Sun, 30 March 2003

Very well done Thomas..this tutorial confirmed a few things I thought of. Thanks for sharing.. DeeVee.

gilbertdid  3:13PM Sat, 29 March 2003

I was never happy with the lighting in my renders. Just tried some of your suggestions and all I can say is THANKS - what a difference it makes.

jruedar  7:06AM Fri, 28 March 2003

Only thanks a lot. Gracias por tu generosidad.