Tone mapping 101

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 910 / System Requirements: Photoshop, Photomatix Tone Mapping Plugin

Basics of how I go about tone mapping an image and a few things afterwards...

short_ribs on 2:20AM Thu, 19 July 2007


This tutorial may leave you as confused as ever before... I'm not an expert when it comes to any of this and I'm not trying to be one just yet. I barely understand any of what I do but hopefuly this tutorial will give you an insight into how I go about creating one of my tone mapped images.

Oh and please do note that Photomatix is NOT part of photoshop if you don't have it and want to buy it feel free to visit the Photomatix website to purchase it...

Tutorial Comments

xxancroft  3:11PM Fri, 10 August 2007

For those who don't have Photomatrix a free version is available for download from: It puts a "Photomatrix" watermark on the photo. I SNEAK around this by first adding 100mm to the canvas size which I trim off later. At least it works on images starting out at 1758 x 1152 x 24b. Larger images it adds more than one watermark. At least you can evaluate it without the distraction of the advertising.

babuci  10:52PM Mon, 06 August 2007

Well done Kai. You don't know how much I appreciate your tuto and a work you spend on it to teach us to do this and open a window to the fantastic colored picture "making". thank You a lot...seeya Tunde

xxancroft  4:40PM Thu, 02 August 2007

Good tutorial Kai. thanxx all I need now is Photomatrix.

TomDart  7:10AM Wed, 01 August 2007

Very easy to follow with images speaking the most part..nice job and thanks for putting it together.

Margana  10:49AM Mon, 30 July 2007

Well done, Kai. Very(underline that) well written and presented. You've made a wonderful tut, here. I am definately going to have a go at it. Thanks for sharing this with us. -M :^)

tommorules  6:53AM Sun, 29 July 2007

I've been longing to have a go at this, time to get the credit card out I guess.... Thanks mate, brilliant work!!

ChaosRising  8:02PM Fri, 27 July 2007

thanks very much,its very helpful and the tut is easy to follow,this has started me off on the road,th again.

Hawk23  2:01AM Wed, 25 July 2007

Thanks Mate great stuff. Good luck with the studies.

Onslow  2:33PM Sun, 22 July 2007

Well done Kai :)

npauling  9:56PM Sat, 21 July 2007

Gee that sounds quite straight forward though as I have Coral photoshop I may have to change things but I will give it a go. Thankyou so much for going to the trouble of showing us how to do that. I have never done more than sharpen or change channels so thanks again.

NightGallery  7:08PM Sat, 21 July 2007

Cool stuff man! Thanks. Nice to see other's techniques.

danob  4:58PM Sat, 21 July 2007

Well done a nice and easy way to learn the power of Photomatrix and tone mapping Good work Kai