Cityscapes in Vue

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This tutorial takes you through a step by step description of how the image "Villaggio" was made, which will show you how cityscapes can be done.

thomaskrahn on 8:32AM Tue, 18 February 2003

What can be achieved...

This tutorial doesn't show you how all cityscapes should be done, but this is the way that I do it.
It's quite easy and efficient, but takes some time. The picture above pretty much shows you what can be achieved.

Enjoy :)

Tutorial Comments

stever61  11:28AM Fri, 09 June 2006

Very well done! Nice to see attention detail, keep up the great tut's

FuzzyVizion  1:20PM Fri, 17 March 2006

Nice Tut, thanks! But ONE QUESTION... why do you need to place extra lights? Why not let VUE calculate the bounced light by checking 'global radiosity' in the atmosphere dialogue? It can even get a great sun-rays thru the dust effect for you. Chipp's got a tut on radiosity settings here:

plaf98  11:41AM Sat, 02 July 2005

Great Tutorial, and great job. Thanks for all this useful tips !

luca  4:47AM Thu, 28 April 2005

Your work is great, thanx for your tutorial, i own vue for and terragen and also Poser, since i bought poser 6, i saw thanx to opne Gl it works faster, i tryied also to import in vue 4 a poser scene but it seems i cant achieve yet this task:)))

pmf2000  4:19PM Wed, 17 March 2004

It's always nice to see someone who takes the time to help others. What a great tutorial on the possibilities of Vue! Hopefully you will do some more. Tim

tenvalael  7:01AM Wed, 14 May 2003

Thanks Thomas. Another nice tut. Please, will you do one tutorial about lightning ? I'm sure it would be VERY appreciated by all of us ;-)

cobusp  4:48AM Sun, 04 May 2003

Thank you Thomas - nice tut. It would be interesting to see how you placed you lights to lighten up the whole scene. Cobus

linkaran17  5:46PM Sat, 03 May 2003

every time i see work originated in vue I wonder when the first full length movie will appear in our nextdoor cinema. . . keep da great workx goin on Linkaran17

Mikeangelo  10:58AM Sat, 03 May 2003

Great tutorial Thomas, thanks for putting your time into it. Dave

sassyass2003  1:59PM Thu, 01 May 2003

Wonderful tutorial, thank you for sharing your knowledge, I am very very new to Vue and look forward to trying out some of the tips you shared.

Hary  10:39PM Wed, 30 April 2003

Congratulations Thomas! Fantastic job! I'm starting using the vue for "Mac",and i know i'll learn too much with you. Thanks

Denb  3:07AM Wed, 30 April 2003

Hey there fellow citizen. Nice work... :-)

billy-home  7:45PM Tue, 29 April 2003

great tutorial Thomas, thanks

vicious  3:15PM Tue, 29 April 2003

A great tutorial i would like to find some other with the same quality thank you !!

TrekkieGrrrl  5:38AM Tue, 29 April 2003

Utrolig velskrevet tutorial :o) Fantastiske billeder - som altid - og beskrevet så det ovenikøbet kommer til at se ud som noget man selv ville kunne lave... HVIS man havde talentet til det *suk*

gg77  10:12PM Mon, 28 April 2003

Excellent tutorial once again! Would like to know more about combining photo textures and procedural bump maps.

Richard T  5:54PM Mon, 28 April 2003

Thanks very much, it's exteemly helpfull

chijazi  6:30AM Wed, 02 April 2003

Excellent tutorials Thomas ... And you're totally right, details make the difference ... Great Job .. and Thanks for the sharing ...

HSO  11:23PM Fri, 14 March 2003

Write a book "How to use Vue" and bring it in the shops for sale. Your tutorials are fantastic, thanks for sharing.

Santel  11:31AM Sun, 09 March 2003

This tutorial is super....makes me want to load my copy of Vue and try again! :)

Triple_X  7:05AM Thu, 06 March 2003

Great tutorials man, keep it up :)

tradivoro  8:43AM Thu, 20 February 2003

Thomas, this is a fantastic tutorial... it's not only well done, but the scene inspires others to do better... thanks...

SteveDennis  9:42PM Tue, 18 February 2003

Thanks for the great tutorial. I don't own Vue, but I've been thinking about getting it. Your info has helped give me details about the scope of what can be achieved, and it's really impressive. Thanks again.