Water Fall - Fast and dirty

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1993 / System Requirements: Vue

No more messing around with photoshop to get the effect of rushing water in your scene

madfishsam on 7:45PM Sat, 09 June 2007

Hyper Texture it up

The only way to make a convincing waterfall up till vue 6 has been to import one from some other application, or to try to fake it in photoshop. that all changed with the introduction of hyper textures. Hyper textures allow you to create a material that appears to displace your geometry in three dimentions. think of a sponge. by making a hyper texture out of a water material, you can create a splash effect good enought to make a water fall

Tutorial Comments

pollyparrott1966  6:24PM Mon, 23 June 2008

Very informative. Thank you.

Rob2753  9:23AM Tue, 26 June 2007

An excellent tutorial, thank you so much for this very creative method.