How to Create an Axe

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Simple tutorial on how to model an Axe in Lightwave Modeler.

Fillingim on 6:37PM Wed, 12 February 2003

Step 1 - Introduction

This tutorial will guide one through the creation of a simple axe using the following tools: Bevel, Extrude, and Boolean Operations.]

Image above courtesy of Moebius87.

Tutorial Comments

newby69  12:04AM Fri, 29 July 2005

A very clear and easy to follow tutorial, one of the best i've seen so far in lightwave.

jerr3d  12:35PM Sun, 27 April 2003

Excellent tutorial! Very easy to follow and well illustrated. This cleared up some things I was confused on. Thanks!

Mechanismo  1:37PM Tue, 01 April 2003

excelllent , exactly wanted i needed, a simple effective way to make , axes, swords, mean pointy things... cheers :-D