Humidity - Jungle

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Using additional lights, fog and lots and lots of vegetation, you'll be able to create fantastic, deep jungle imagery. This tutorial will tell you how...

thomaskrahn on 1:13PM Thu, 30 January 2003

What you can achieve...

This is a short, quite easy guide which learns you how to create junglepictures with a thick humid air etc.
This sort of pic can be a very hard to create but using this method, it's no problem. I created it after seeing a picture by Deadhead *Amazon*.
The picture above pretty much shows what you can achieve using the technique :)

Tutorial Comments

cole4965  7:39PM Sat, 22 December 2007

Brilliant tutorial and a huge help!!!

malaiarasan  6:32AM Fri, 10 August 2007

Great work Thomas very nice tutorial thank you for sharing

Myrailon  10:46AM Thu, 31 May 2007

I could really improve one of my pictures with this. Thank you! It's "jungle", uploaded today.

rahulvfx  11:41AM Wed, 18 October 2006

Awwwwoooosssssome job! I'm speech less.

DavidMyers  5:11AM Fri, 22 September 2006

Your tutorial got me to finally jump in (to the jungle) and to try bathing things in light. I'm still not sure about setting the alpha plane but my results were more than satisfactory and I learned a lot. Thanks.

Thenar  10:08AM Tue, 23 May 2006

Thomas, I love your work, but your tutorials coud be improved a bit by tying your words more closely witht the images, You made a pretty big jump there to the almost finished image without much explaination about how you created the unusual twisted palm. In your next tutorial try to put yourself in our shoes trying to understand. -P- P Plantec

samo530  7:57PM Fri, 10 March 2006

Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! It was very easy to follow and it still left lots of room for personal touches. I love how easy it was to do. You explained it very well, I've only been using vue 5 infinite for about 5 days now and was very pleased with the results of this tut. It was also my first time to use an alpha plane. Thanks again! I'm adding the finished pic to my gallery if you want to check it out. samo530

Terran  11:18PM Fri, 27 January 2006

Great tutorial. Thanks Thomas! I'm just learning Vue, and learned how to use some features I was unfamiliar with through your tutorial. I love the atmospheric effect you created in this scene!

willbrown  3:48PM Wed, 11 January 2006

Great tutorial. I love the simplicity. Thx.

boosh  4:03PM Tue, 06 December 2005

Amazing!!!!we're doing a video for our band and this is exactly the feel I want the video to have!!Boosh

jige  10:14AM Wed, 31 August 2005

Thank you for this tutorial!Very cool and simply.

Samanthie  11:27AM Thu, 28 July 2005

Hi Thomas, thank you for this tutorial! It was very helpful to me especially with the alpha plane and the spotlight. Clever way to get those nice light rays.

BikiniHut  10:14PM Thu, 30 June 2005

Hi Thomas I am a new user on Renderosity and a new user of Vue and Poser. Yours is the first tutorial I selected on the site because of my interest in vegetation and light. I found it very helpful and easy to understand. I am eager to try your suggestions. Please keep 'em coming! Bikini Hut

normalarch  1:08PM Sat, 23 October 2004

thank you very very Much

clive_uk  3:56PM Sun, 03 October 2004

Hi, Thomas thankyou for the tutorial been of great help to a newbie :)

LadyLight  9:17PM Fri, 10 September 2004

It's a wonderful tutorial. I've been "learning by experience" and it is painfully slow! Always wondered how to get those light rays (lol) Many thanks for a very clear and helpful tut :)

pignifer  12:59PM Mon, 08 December 2003

I really had fun with this. My first tutorial and because of the experience I am looking forward to doing more. I love to learn! Thank you for all the REALLY Useful tips. I know I will be using them quite often. Jennifer

wrdgirl  7:21PM Sat, 25 October 2003

Great, Thomas! Thanks.

butterfly_fish  9:41PM Sun, 19 October 2003

An inspirational tutorial, thanks! I'm imagining all kinds of jungles and deep, misty woodlands now. :-) Very useful!

azgar  2:19AM Fri, 17 October 2003

Whoa!!! What seemed to be a result of an exhaustive session, is so simple!! GREAT! Thank You. By the way, I'm not sure this question can be placed here...but still.. I've downloaded the demo of Vue4. It doesn't work. My platform is win2000. As soon as I select the environment, The software automatically closes. Kindly help. Thank You.

bob4artist  11:52PM Tue, 14 October 2003

Thanks for the info. I love learning what others have discovered. It really help cut down the learning curve and helps me create more art.

MRNot  12:11PM Tue, 14 October 2003

Since I use Bryce rather than Vue, I can only surmise, but I'm sure I can at least partially transcribe your techniques for use there, and it will most definitely prove helpful. Can't wait to play around with the tutorial in earnest.

cockjuice  2:09AM Tue, 14 October 2003

I know you've had this one up for quite some time. You'll be having some traffic across the tut with it on the front page now, for a few days anyways. I love the tut and think it's an inspiration as well as educational. Everything a tut should be. Thanks so much, it's brilliant, as you are with this program. I've seen the tut before and thought I commented, now I'm sure I commented. Rock on my friend. Superbly done!

Rimkopf  2:15PM Mon, 13 October 2003

SUPER..nothing more need to be said

NormaJean  7:06PM Sat, 02 August 2003

i agree with all the above your tutorial is really helpful im on my way on making a fantastic jungle scene thanks thomas keep up your excellent work cant wait for your next tute and image..

carib98  8:05PM Thu, 31 July 2003

That was very helpful. Thanks!

nio103  8:40PM Sun, 29 June 2003

Hi, i got stuck on your tutorial, here- Add a caustic light-gel and make the spotlight volumetric, dont know where to click to make caustic light-gel and dont know where to click to make the spot light volumetic. thanks

ut0h  12:08AM Mon, 16 June 2003

wowza thomas thanks lots .... i dont hvae vue but it works out pretty dang nice in bryce also... thanks man ....great job peace

Frapa  3:51AM Thu, 01 May 2003

Real Kewl, another proggie I need to look in ;-)

astn  4:16PM Sat, 19 April 2003

Really great ! Sure i will use it . Very clear tut .

metamog  4:24AM Sat, 05 April 2003


Porthos  4:27PM Tue, 01 April 2003

Thank you for making this tutorial so simple that a nube can understand it! It certainly helped me! :^)

rohanprakash  6:42AM Thu, 27 March 2003

wonderful tutorial. can't wait to read more from u

dawn  5:30PM Thu, 06 March 2003

Hi Thomas thank you for this awesome tutorial, I learned alot from it!!!

terra-man  4:42AM Tue, 04 March 2003

Hey, thanks, I don't own vue, but I'm going to test it out in Bryce. It should be possible, I'll send you the result If i make a nice jungle in Bryce

X-TC  3:47AM Tue, 18 February 2003

Hi Thomas! Well this is one hell of a tutorial and it makes me move through Vue a lot more easier than before. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and letting us look behind the curtain of one special artist. Regards, Martin "X-TC"

ruebezahlswelt  7:00AM Sun, 16 February 2003

Hello Thomas. Welcome from Tirol thanhs for this Tutorial,I work with POSER and now I will buy VUE 4. Greats from Ruebezahlswelt

Tilo  3:32AM Tue, 11 February 2003

great tutorial! thanks very much!

HSO  2:07AM Fri, 07 February 2003

Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for this tutorial. All your pictures are really excelent. I can learn just by viewing but it's much better with your tutorials. I hope you write one each week.:)

nas4a2  11:15AM Wed, 05 February 2003

Damn nice Thomas :)i have read your tutorials and i am very impressed. i knew your work was fantastic and now to follow with you in the process is truly an honor. bet i will be using these effects in my images. always experimenting and always inventing new ways for those special effects. but you realize i hate you right?LOL no are truly a master at this you little jerk LMAO i'm just joking dog:) you are the shit my man. i am a true admirer of your work:) and thanks for sharing