Boolean Difference, Not just for solids

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This tutorial will show you how to use the "boolean Difference" with soloids and surfaces.

Spike on 3:11PM Mon, 04 November 2002


The basics:

All buttons used in this tutorial will be listed in quotes "Like this".
All menu items used in this tutorial will be listed as follows, If I wanted you to do a save, I would show it as follows, "File>Save".
At the bottom of the screen there are 4 boxes, Snap, Ortho, Planar and Osnap. Remember where they are as we will use the often.
Remember to use the zoom in and out "CTRL + Right mouse Drag up or down" and the drag view "Shift + Right mouse Drag to move". These tools will save you tons of time.
If you double click on the view title it will go to full screen. I use this often.
We will always work in the view pictured unless stated.
Pictured above is the object we will be making.

Tutorial Comments

jantje1234567890  3:52PM Mon, 15 October 2007

Good stuf!! you should make more of these ...

BingoBango  4:12PM Sat, 10 September 2005


anvek  5:20AM Fri, 02 April 2004

Thanx for sharing this USEFUL tip

jpac  12:32PM Wed, 07 May 2003

This tutorial is very helpful. Now I have better understanding how to do boolean difference.