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CullControlPolygon, What is it and why do I care? For Rhino 3DIf you work with organics, you need to know how this works as it will save you many hours of hiding points.The command is called "CullControlPolygon".What it does is hide the control points on the back side (the side facing away from you) of a surface so you can work with the ones facing you.

Spike on 10:43AM Mon, 28 October 2002

Step #1

Here is how it works.

Here is a simple sphere rebuilt with 20 U and 20 V isoparms.
We are looking at it in shaded view with the control points on.

What if you wanted to select a control point on this side (the side facing you) of this sphere?
It could get tricky as you are looking at all the control points of this surface.

Type in the command line "CullControlPolygon".

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Recreation3D  11:22AM Tue, 25 February 2003

Thanks :)

planetoid  11:02PM Mon, 24 February 2003

For Rhinoceros 3D

Recreation3D  11:33AM Mon, 24 February 2003

Hi I wonder what program this tutorial is for ? Hi from Tom