Gaseous Planets

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a very simple way of creating gaseous planets with just 1 light and 1 particle

RaysOfLight on 12:41AM Sat, 18 January 2003

Adding your 'Planet'

Your planet is just 1 particle, so go to Items/Add/Add Null.. as shown in the picture. Your particle will be automatically selected and placed in the center of your scene.

Tutorial Comments

Mechanismo  5:22AM Mon, 14 November 2005

yup i got cool results!!! most useful tutorial indeed!!!!! :D

Craftmatt  5:10PM Wed, 15 December 2004

Stunning results, excellent tutorial! Really great. I'm getting Lightwave in 10 days (guess what I'm getting for Christmas! *wink*) I was just wondering (and please bear with me, I don't even have the software yet) if it could be animated.

mupp  7:47AM Sat, 10 July 2004

Very nice tutorial! It was well made and so easy to understand and follow that even a total newbie like me could almost know what I was doing! =)

niki72d  5:47AM Wed, 11 June 2003

Wonderful tutorial!!!!!

duar  7:20PM Thu, 10 April 2003

This is very good. An "easy to do" tutorial. Please more this its. duar

detestedsoul  8:26AM Wed, 02 April 2003

very well indeed!

Esme  10:09PM Mon, 31 March 2003

Yes Sir, You did well :)

flyhippie  4:09PM Mon, 31 March 2003

Hey Rays, thanks for the awsome tutorial. Hit the nail on the head for your first attempt. Really enjoyed it, cant wait for more bud- Just as soon as I finish moving.... =)

MatrixG  4:05PM Mon, 31 March 2003

This is great. An "easy to do" tutorial. Please do more! I really like themes about hypervoxels! It takes so much time to play around with hypervoxels that i really appriciate those tips!!!

zapper1977  11:34AM Mon, 31 March 2003

really cool thanks for the tip it was fun

kcf  3:58PM Sun, 16 March 2003

Simply put, "Ditto"

Grace  12:03AM Mon, 17 February 2003

Wonderful tutorial!! Very well and clearly explained with spectacular results. Thank all means, please do more.

martinso  10:52PM Wed, 29 January 2003

Good Job on the Tutoral...keep going on the "down and dirty" tips. (I mean that in a VERRRY positive way). Do more with hypervoxels. Great stuff.

caeruleus  11:50PM Sat, 25 January 2003

The tutorial is sweet. Is this really your first one? It looks very professional and I hope you will consider doing more

RaysOfLight  12:01PM Sat, 18 January 2003

i forgot to say that the other two versions of this in my gallery are just different presets :) the blue one is the Blue_Shift spotlight preset, and the purple one i THINK, is either Blue_Shift or Red_Shift with the colour modified. The Gaseous Twins picture is just two nulls and two spotlights placed together. i hope you enjoyed yourself and learnt something new :)