Playing with Shaders in DAZ|Studio

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Getting acquainted with the Surface Tab and making Shaders in DAZ|Studio

JenX on 11:24AM Tue, 24 January 2006

Getting Set Up

If youve been using DAZ|Studio since the beta-testing stage, youre no stranger to the Surfaces palette. But, have you really played with every option youve got? Im going to show you in this tutorial that not all of what you see is what you get. Sometimes, what you see in the Open GL preview pane will be something completely different than what youll get in the 3Delight render.

First using the free Primitives Plugin for DAZ|Studio create a sphere. It doesnt matter what size you make it, just make a sphere ;).

Tutorial Comments

goofygrape  4:32PM Wed, 17 December 2014

This is what I was looking for thanks :)

Rutroe  8:54PM Fri, 03 February 2012

Just what I needed, thanx

echokimono  1:53PM Sun, 23 May 2010

this is a super tutorial! thanks!!!

zil2008  2:39AM Fri, 07 November 2008

Thanks, nice easy tut.

JenX  7:04PM Mon, 24 September 2007

Wow, didn't see that there were comments! Thanks, guys! As for where you save them, you can save them wherever you want. It depends on what kind of material you're saving. If it's just a shader preset, I save them in the Shader Presets folder ;)

Magick_Lady  10:10AM Sun, 16 July 2006

that plugin fails to load in my daz :( version

ByteDreams  6:30PM Sun, 09 July 2006

Thanks, MS. That was indeed simple and straightforward. Just one question though -- where do you save the shader you create?

Sinner69  10:01AM Mon, 06 February 2006

Thank You. That was easy, informative and very useful. I just wish there were more tutorials like that.

infinity10  6:22PM Tue, 24 January 2006

Easy to stomach; had thought it was going to be a nother horrible complicated shader tutorial, but was pleasantly surprised. Entry-level. Thank you.

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