Using Onyx Tree's in Vue

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This is a very basic tutorial showing how to load and export a standard tree from Onyx Tree Broadleaf into V5I. The steps described here may work for other versions of Vue but I am not sure. It also does not cover any of the advanced features of Onyx Tree. There are two parts to this tutorial. Part one will show how to load a standard tree which came with Onyx Tree Broadleaf and export it for use in V5I. Part two will cover loading the tree in V5I and remapping the materials to make it look more realistic.

creed2003 on 2:09PM Tue, 10 January 2006

Step 1 - Open Onyx Tree Broadleaf

First thing we need to do is open Onyx Tree Broadleaf and load in a tree from the supplied library. This is what the main screen of the program looks like.

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very helpful big thx

madberty  5:37PM Thu, 09 August 2007

absolutly brill, ive been lost using these two progs, now i know what im doing!!!

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great tutorial it helps a lot