Create your own Secondskins - no Poser needed!

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Tutorial on how to create secondskins for use in D|S - a great alternative to complicated clothes making and Poser is not required. A simple way to dress your characters. Suitable for beginners.

IO4 on 1:55PM Wed, 14 December 2005


Welcome!This is my first tutorial, aimed at those of you who, like myself, are beginners in the world of D|S and want to create your own clothes for your characters but don't have Poser. At the moment you can only create clothes using Poser programs, and it's not that straightforward, so here's a great alternative.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find any tutorials on the subject, so hopefully this will help some of you out there. There may be alternative (and better) ways of doing it, but this is just how I have worked out how to create secondskins.

Please feel free to send me and instant message with your feedback/comments or if anything needs clarifying.

Let's beginů.

Tutorial Comments

JackieScottishLass  2:29PM Wed, 27 April 2011

Excellent tutorial..Thank you so much for taking the time to write it up for us. Best Wishes, Jackie

celticfire  3:56AM Mon, 01 February 2010

This is a great tutorial but what I want to know is how do the vendors create their clothes? The ones that fit onto the character?

Deckart85  10:28AM Mon, 15 June 2009

Hi, is it only my pc or do the files from page 2 onwards no longer exist?

JohnMichael  5:41PM Tue, 02 December 2008

Great tutorial. I learned alot. However, my DS version is different. One of the differences is that I have to keep reloading the program for it to accept the new changes to the texture. And of course V4.2 is all different. The basics are the same. Thanks.

tmnavarro  8:26AM Wed, 10 October 2007

hey your tutorial is really fast and to the point, not to mention very very helpful, i also want to know how do i open the new clothe i download for victoria 3, i can never get it to work

IroncladTomato  2:11PM Mon, 30 July 2007

thanks very much for the simple tutorial, you've really helped me out here. Also, daisymay, you need to select 'Nipples' in the surfaces selectoin, then apply the skin map again after applying it to 'SkinTorso.' I hope that helps.

daisymay  4:11PM Thu, 12 July 2007

hi im very new to daz and i thought id followed your tut exactly but when i put the top on, vicky has two bare patches on her chest. could you tell me where im going wrong thanks any help is greatly appreciated daisy

rloftus56  12:33AM Thu, 22 February 2007

I'm just learning DAZ and get confused easily, but this tut is great, I was able to make a bathing suit that actually fit!!! I modified it a couple of times to get coverage in the back, but I was tickled to be able to do it. Thank you for a great tut.

kitkat36  4:27AM Sat, 20 May 2006

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial...the only problem is i can't seem to get the crotch area covered with the clothing? Any help would be appreciated with this. Hugs Kitkat36

sistermoon  4:42PM Sat, 15 April 2006

THank you so much that was awesome tut thank you for making it. I have made two already I will post one tomarrow and one the next day in my gallery. Hugs, SisKat aka Kathy

Steinwelt  5:28AM Fri, 27 January 2006

Excellent, I was just looking for this kind of tutorial cause I has downloaded some clothes for V3 in the Free Stuff and just found you needed Poser to use them...and I only have DAZ-Studio...So I am really rgreatfull for your tut

justy6  9:53PM Thu, 12 January 2006

"WOW Thank you so much! this tutorial help a lot I can't wait to get started.

ryansmom  10:26AM Wed, 04 January 2006

Wonderful Tutorial! Thank you! I just started using Daz and I love it! This was big help though. I really enjoyed it. Cindy

ImNorma  9:09PM Tue, 20 December 2005

Excellent tutorial! Thanks so much. I have already tried it, you can see the results in my gallerie. Thanks again, Norma

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