Vanlippe's Animating A Waterfall

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 330 / System Requirements: Bryce

This is Vanlippe's "Animating a Waterfall" tutorial, that is now and then asked for. His site has been gone for a while now so to keep this tutorial available I am hosting it on my site.I did not write it, Richard Vanlippe did.This tutorial explains how to create a waterfall animation using Bryce alone, although Photoshop can make some parts easier, it can be done totally in Bryce.

FranOnTheEdge on 9:35AM Sun, 20 February 2011

Add Structural Detail Using A Texture

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 196 / System Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Using Layer Styles to create dents and grooves in metal textures, especially using "Contour", "Bevel" and "Texture" so that you can use a lower poly model, and let the texture show the detail. Also used to show embossed or indented logo designs.

FranOnTheEdge on 7:13PM Thu, 17 February 2011

Rock N Roll Night Caustics Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 410 / System Requirements: Bryce

Here's a tutorial on my latest Gallery image on Renderosity. Someone asked me how I got that light effect, well here's how. This tutorial explains how to use and how to create caustics for use on lights in Bryce. And a few other things. Please see companion file for use with this tutorial.For use with Bryce6 (or B5). Free to use for commercial and non-commercial works.

FranOnTheEdge on 5:32PM Sun, 16 December 2007

Creating a Brick Texture tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 259 / System Requirements: PhotoShop Elements or PhotoShopCS2

How to make a texture from a photo.Uses PhotoShop to show a simple way to create a tiled texture for use on buildings or walls on 3d Models in 3D programs.

FranOnTheEdge on 11:54AM Sat, 30 June 2007

Creating a Brick Texture

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 360 / System Requirements: PhotoShop or similar

This tutorial explains how to make a good texture from a photo for use on a 3D model, using PhotoShop. Both Elements and CS version. With testing carried out in Bryce.

FranOnTheEdge on 4:17PM Sat, 16 June 2007

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