Tutorial #55: Fixing Poser Cothing

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 1142

using magnets, displacement, transparency, texture work and postwork to fix problems with Poser clothing, like poke through, and to add realism, such as wrinkles, and aging :)

silverblade33 on 4:49PM Thu, 03 June 2010

Tutorial #53: How to make "Studio Renders" in Vue or similar apps

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 598 / System Requirements: Vue or similar apps

Studio renders are nice, clean renders, like a photograph, used to neatly show off models and characters.:)

silverblade33 on 7:56AM Wed, 21 April 2010

Tutorial #52: Making blood splattered flesh in Vue or similar apps

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 276 / System Requirements: Vue or similar apps

I show several ways to make blood-splattered, gory skin for use in renders.One method shows how to use "Ron's Blood" a commercial texture/brush packageAnother method combines existing procedural materials.

silverblade33 on 7:53AM Wed, 21 April 2010

Tutorial #51: Collecting and Organizing Content

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 498 / System Requirements: Vue. Poser, bryce or any render app

How to find and organize content for your art work, plus ethical considerations.

silverblade33 on 7:50AM Wed, 21 April 2010

Tutorial #49: Nebula in Vue, MK 3

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 279 / System Requirements: Vue

More tricks and tips to making space nebulae in Vue :)

silverblade33 on 7:46AM Wed, 21 April 2010

Tutorial # 50: Basics of Vue (for beginners)

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1091 / System Requirements: Vue 5+

Basic tips on using Vue

silverblade33 on 11:31PM Wed, 23 September 2009

Tutorial 48: Render settigns for Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 594 / System Requirements: Vue

Useful info on getting the most out of your render settings ;)please note!!each scene requires different tweaks for max effciency! this is what works best for ONE scene in testing.

silverblade33 on 10:40PM Thu, 30 July 2009

Tutorial # 47: Postwork - Making a Render Intense!

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 834 / System Requirements: Any 3d ap, Photoshop or similar 2D app

How to take a 3D render and give it some heavy, dramatic punch in postwork! ;)

silverblade33 on 11:07AM Wed, 29 July 2009

Tutorial 46: Making Rivers That Follow Terrain Heights

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 738 / System Requirements: Vue, Bryce or any heightfield using modeller

How to get terrains to follow the heights and contours of your terrains!

silverblade33 on 9:54AM Sun, 28 June 2009

Tutorial # 45: Simple Special Effects With Photoshop

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 664 / System Requirements: Photoshop

Easy way to add special effects to a 3D render or photograph, using brushes, and layer styles :)

silverblade33 on 9:52AM Sun, 28 June 2009

Creating a planet in 3D (Vue or other apps)

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 647 / System Requirements: Vue and other 3D apps

This tutorial explains in detail how I create realistic planets in Vuethe methods also apply to other apps, though.

silverblade33 on 6:07PM Mon, 16 March 2009

Refraction problems in Vue?

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 244 / System Requirements: Vue 6 or 7

if you have problems with glass turning out blue, or similar problems with gemstones and the like, here's a tip on fixing the problem :)

silverblade33 on 6:05PM Mon, 16 March 2009

Texture blending in Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 325 / System Requirements: Vue 6 or 7

A neat way to blend multiple images to create blended, non-repeating materials :)

silverblade33 on 6:04PM Mon, 16 March 2009

Multilights in Maxwell Renderer

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 172 / System Requirements: Maxwell renderer

A basic explanation of how to use, and why multighting is such a fantastic feature of Maxwell renderer :)

silverblade33 on 6:03PM Mon, 16 March 2009

Area Lights in Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 419 / System Requirements: Vue 6 or 7

Area lights are my favourite way to light scenes in Vue, as they give wonderful realism :)here's a bunch of info on using them.

silverblade33 on 6:01PM Mon, 16 March 2009

General Vue Tips

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 536 / System Requirements: Vue 6 or 7

A variety of general tips to help your Vue day :)

silverblade33 on 5:59PM Mon, 16 March 2009

Tutorial #38: Postwork for 3D renders

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 1377 / System Requirements: Photoshop or similar app

How to improve your 3D renders, in 2D apps, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, by fixing problem areas in the original render, adjusting levels etc to enhance the image, and adding special effects :)

silverblade33 on 5:12PM Tue, 13 January 2009

Tutorial #37: Close-up asteroid rings in Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 242 / System Requirements: Vue

How to create asteroid rings, for close up approach shots, using a sneaky method to cut resources, and add perspective ;)

silverblade33 on 5:01PM Tue, 13 January 2009

Tutorial #30: Poser Character Tips

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 687 / System Requirements: Poser, and Vue, Bryce or similar

General tips on using Poser characters, especially when importing to other apps like Vue and Bryce :)

silverblade33 on 7:30PM Tue, 23 December 2008

Tutorial #34: Scene Creation

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 383 / System Requirements: Vue

An explanation of how I created a scene, from concept, sorting items, to building, lighting and post work.Rather than a typical "How to do a single thing", it's about how a scene was built, tips to help effciency, and notes on post work :)

silverblade33 on 7:25PM Tue, 23 December 2008

Tutorial #36: Ship Wakes in Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 515 / System Requirements: Vue 6 or 7

How to create wakes for ships and boats in Vue, using foam shore line, or "meta-water" materials :)

silverblade33 on 7:19PM Tue, 23 December 2008

#32: Subsurface Scattering in Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 701 / System Requirements: Vue 6

How to get Subsurface scattering or Translucency as it's called in Vue, to work well on flesh :)Note: Nudity!

silverblade33 on 5:35AM Mon, 06 October 2008

Tutorial #31: Volumetric shaded Nebulae and galaxies for Vue

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 286 / System Requirements: Vue 6

Using volumetric shaded materials and terrains to create nebulae and galaxies in Vue

silverblade33 on 6:41AM Sun, 18 May 2008

Tutorial #27: Important but simple tip for modelling, also Rhino

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 164 / System Requirements: general 3D modelling, and Rhino

Simple tip on modelling that will help with later import into many apps which do NOT have the ability to apply materials on a "Per polygon or surface" ability.Also specific info on Rhino on this.

silverblade33 on 6:39AM Sun, 18 May 2008

Tutorial #28: Dirt on the Bottom

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 566 / System Requirements: Vue

Putting Dirt where it belongs, for added realism.A mini-tut.

silverblade33 on 6:37AM Sun, 18 May 2008

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