Create your own grassy backyard

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 755

First learn how to use Displacement Maps to create terrains and then learn how to bring your land to life by growing some grass on it using the SasLite plugin :)Good for anyone who doesn't know how to make grass in Lightwave or hasn't worked with Displacement Maps before :)

RaysOfLight on 8:34PM Sat, 01 November 2003

using Alpha Planes in Bryce

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 566

An easy guide in using alpha planes to create vast scenes with extremely small numbers of polygons, and therefore extremely small filesizes and memory usage

RaysOfLight on 5:02AM Fri, 28 March 2003

Gaseous Planets

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 503

a very simple way of creating gaseous planets with just 1 light and 1 particle

RaysOfLight on 12:41AM Sat, 18 January 2003