Render Sound & Animation simultaneously

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 182 / System Requirements: CINEMA 4D, 1x .wav file (a download link for free wav files is provided)

Introduction to work with 2D Sound Rendering in CINEMA 4D. Render sound in the first example. Work with the Sound Effector creating your own abstract animation and render the sound + animation simultaneously in CINEMA 4D in the second example.Enjoy!

KoboldCharakter on 3:12PM Wed, 19 June 2013

C4DR14: Red high heel shoe (model & animate)

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 280 / System Requirements: CINEMA 4D R14, a fully rigged character

You will learn to model and animate a red high heel shoe using CINEMA 4D R14. You will need:-Cinema 4D R14 -1 jpg image of a high heel shoe (we will show you where to find it) -a fully rigged character

KoboldCharakter on 4:30PM Mon, 25 March 2013