Make 3D Movies with Poser !!

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 751 / System Requirements: Poser, and some freeware software that I've linked here and 3D glasses (red&green)

After playing around with some still images, I wanted to be able to make 3D movies with Poser and I found out how!! Dig out those 3D glasses (red&green) and check this out.....

justanother1 on 12:37AM Mon, 04 January 2010

3D Images from any photo or image!!

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 760 / System Requirements: Paint dot net and anaglyph plug in, pair of 3D glasses (red - green)

I found a way to make any image into a 3D anaglyph image, this is fairly simple and done on Paint dot net. You will need to go dig out Your old 3D glassed (red-green) to see any of these.

justanother1 on 12:42AM Thu, 24 December 2009

Dancing with the Stars, How to use those BVH motions you downloaded.

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 896 / System Requirements: Poser and a favorite character

I discovered an easy way to fix those free BVH motions you can get. This is a "for Dummies" tutorial on that and some basic animation tips. So lets get Dancin!!

justanother1 on 12:32PM Tue, 20 October 2009

bring your poser characters to life with Desktopx

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1201 / System Requirements: poser desktopx and some freeware programs - (links)

How would you like to have your fav character as your start menu, or have them talk to you. this is so easy anyone can do it. This is a whole new way to enjoy your poser friends !!

justanother1 on 6:37AM Sat, 10 January 2009