Make 3D Movies with Poser !!

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 749 / System Requirements: Poser, and some freeware software that I've linked here and 3D glasses (red&green)

After playing around with some still images, I wanted to be able to make 3D movies with Poser and I found out how!! Dig out those 3D glasses (red&green) and check this out.....

justanother1 on 12:37AM Mon, 04 January 2010

3D Images from any photo or image!!

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 759 / System Requirements: Paint dot net and anaglyph plug in, pair of 3D glasses (red - green)

I found a way to make any image into a 3D anaglyph image, this is fairly simple and done on Paint dot net. You will need to go dig out Your old 3D glassed (red-green) to see any of these.

justanother1 on 12:42AM Thu, 24 December 2009

Dancing with the Stars, How to use those BVH motions you downloaded.

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 893 / System Requirements: Poser and a favorite character

I discovered an easy way to fix those free BVH motions you can get. This is a "for Dummies" tutorial on that and some basic animation tips. So lets get Dancin!!

justanother1 on 12:32PM Tue, 20 October 2009

MS Agent Character Creation - How to get your renders to work !

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 489 / System Requirements: Windows, MS Agent Character Builder, Irfanview - freeware image editor

If you remember the PlanetVixens Cynthia 3.0 and wanted to build your own Agent, then you probably ran into the same pixelation and transparency issues I did. It took a lot of googling and reading but I figured it out and it's really quite simple. Here's the "for Dummys" version. This tutorial is only about how to get your images to work with the MS Agent Character Builder program that you can get for free from Microsoft.

justanother1 on 5:02PM Mon, 09 March 2009

bring your poser characters to life with Desktopx

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1199 / System Requirements: poser desktopx and some freeware programs - (links)

How would you like to have your fav character as your start menu, or have them talk to you. this is so easy anyone can do it. This is a whole new way to enjoy your poser friends !!

justanother1 on 6:37AM Sat, 10 January 2009