Basics from Terrain to Eco and importing Poser objects

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 782 / System Requirements: Win, but the videos are QT and can be viewed on anything

This is s set of tutorials I made some time back for a friend and decided to post them up in case anyone cared to view them. They are clearly made for my friend, as I sometimes will refer to him and things he may have said, but for the most part, anyone can follow along and get what is going on as I do go slowly and answer the basic questions people may have.There is also a second set of 2 tutorials that can be downloaded too and just put all of these videos in the Video folder that is part of the presentation program I made, if you feel like using that, that is. These are rather large files, so be aware of that while downloading. The main file is about 354megs and the Bonus tuts are about 244megs.That link is here:

mdunakin on 3:02PM Mon, 18 February 2008