How to save Main and Swap image (and more) for Dogwaffle's PD Artist or PD owler

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 30 / System Requirements: PD Howler or Artist version recent evenough to support the .lyr format

When using Puppy Ray for rendering endless landscapes, or 3D modeler filter for shaping the patch of land, or other effects such as displacement of one image by another, compositing and more, you'll have two separate image assets, and instead of saving each separately as two parallel PNG or Jpeg images (or other formats), you may want them kept together in a single image file. That will allow to easily re-open the images together and get back to work with it. This tutorial shows how easy it is to save more than the layers, by saving to the layered format. It also saves the Swap iamge and the alpha channel (global selection mask).

staigermanus on 6:52PM Sun, 06 August 2017

Intro to Cloud modeling and animation in PD Howler 9.5 - part 2

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 21 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle Howler edition 9.5, Windows 7 or 8 recommended (GPU support)

Hello fellow users for Project Dogwaffle... Here's another tutorial taking a look at a new feature coming with PD Howler 9.5 - the Particle Modeler, aiming at cloud-like shapes. It's got a bit of a volumetric fluffy appearance, and it has some funky animation options. Music by Jose Luis Suazo, from Honduras, aka 'eMaya' - Mayan music for the electronic age

staigermanus on 11:03AM Wed, 20 August 2014

How to remove blemishes from skin on frames of video or animations

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 84 / System Requirements: Project DOgwaffle PD Howler 9

Whether it's a pimple, a mole, ACNE, a birth mark, a scar or a tatoo, facial hair etc..., you may want to hide some blemishes that appear over your subject's photos. Even with 3D renders such as from 3D human animation and posing tools, they might be based on textures derived from real human skin, such as the new generation of popular 3D human characters in HD mode, and they might look just a little too real. We don't necessarily need to turn their appearance into that of a smooth porcelain doll's skin, but it can help to get rid of the most visible distractions. Or in fact to the contrary to place on there of a different type, such as to replace a mole or wrinkle with a dragon tatoo or just a simple heart.... Love your skin! Here is a first look at covering it up, by borrowing nearby skin and placing it over the area that you want to cover up.This uses the Brush Keyframer to do this across multiple frames of a video too.

staigermanus on 9:13AM Mon, 28 April 2014

Beginning Dogwaffle - How to bring back the Color selectors with the Sidebar

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 16 / System Requirements: PD Howler 9

If you have experienced loosing the sidebar while exploring and trying things, here's a reminder of how to bring it back, most likely.Happy painting and waffling!

staigermanus on 9:26AM Mon, 03 March 2014

Ray Tracing on the GPU, with PD Howler 9.1

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 100 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle 9.1, Windows Vista may be ok, but 7 or 8 recommended

This tutorial covers a new feature in Project Dogwaffle 9.1, namely a GPU-accelerated version of Puppy Ray, the elevation-map-based landscape ray tracer introduced in v9.0Here's a video that shows using Puppy Ray 9.1 (pre-release beta) on the GPU:With GPU acceleration, rendering a scene that could take minutes can now be done in seconds. Animations that took hours can be done in minutes or seconds, depending on dimensions and chosen parameters. And of course depending on the particulars of your graphics chip. Using the GPU can yield 4x the speed, 10x, and even more. Much more in some cases. Some graphics cards have the compute power of 100x-200x or more that of the CPU. Using the GPU can significantly reduce your time spent waiting for the rendering to complete, to decide if you like it or need a different value on some parameter, such as a viewing direction, a fog depth level, an extrusion depth, a camera angle.. This can be a great improvement in your workflow for exploring options during your creative experimentation and final renders.Have fun waffling and howling!

staigermanus on 12:33PM Fri, 29 November 2013

creating a post-apocalyptic cityscape

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 221 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle 9

Using Puppy Ray (new to PD Howler 9) to render a post-apocalyptic cityscape scene, starting from floorplans of houses. The creation phase of the elevation map can be inspiration for use in other tools and even with PD Howler 8 into the GPU based 3D Designer for animated rendering.

staigermanus on 7:18AM Sat, 17 August 2013

Terrain and landscape design with elevation maps

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 224 / System Requirements: general techniques, can be done with Dogwaffle, Photoshop and similar

This might interest you if you do 3D with Lightwave or other tools, and want a quick backdrop of some planet landscape. This is not exactly matte painting, but it could be the start of a matte painting piece.These are tutorials, on creating the textures (part 1) and creating the terrain (part 2) and using the textures.part 1:This focuses on creating the textures.part 2: this part Dan uses the 3D Designer and explains lighting, fog and other features, and then uses the texture that was created in part 1.-Philip

staigermanus on 9:35AM Thu, 31 January 2013

Motion Estimation / Prtediction with PD Pro 7

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 81 / System Requirements: Windows Vista or 7, XP ok too., .Net framework 4

Here's another look at using Motion Estimation with the Motion Prediction Module from PD Pro 7, as applicable to videos and to rendered animations of 3D logos in this case. This shows a comparison of a traditional frame blending approach vs. the motion prediction approach.It may take a few tries to tweak the parameters, and get a good combination, but in the end it could be worth the effort, especially if the rendering of the frames took a long time and you can't re-render them with the added frames, economically speaking.Generally speaking, you'll want to consider this option if you have a short animation that needs to last longer, and thus you want to time-stretch it without going through re-rendering the whole lot in the 3D side, i.e. when it took hours to render and you can't afford to take even longer to render, say, 10x that many frames for a 10x timelapse.In this example, the 3D logo was rendered at high (but not highest) settings, took a minute or two per frame to render. This is not a typical case. You'll be more interested in this technique when it takes an hour per frame to render :-)The last clip was done with 60 frames per second and with global illumination enabled, adding significant rendering time to it all. In cases like these it will definitely be a time saver to use motion prediction. Even if it takes a few minutes to get the parameters right, in the end it's much shorter than rendering it in 3D over 300+ frames if you can get away with rendering just 30-60 frames and fill in the missing frames through motion estimated interpolation.

staigermanus on 9:01AM Thu, 26 April 2012

ADDHOW - Complementary Colors, presented by Dan Ritchie

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 59 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle or similar digital painting tools

ADDHOW (A Daily Dose of Howling Or Waffling) is a series of tutorials typically in video form hosted on Youtube which show tips, tricks and basic techniques for use with PD Pro but which can also be used with other tools in some cases.This tutorial covers basics of complementary colors.

staigermanus on 10:25PM Tue, 18 October 2011

Painting with video - load an AVI directly into the brush system

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 169 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle Professional, PD Pro, PD Artist, PD 2 and PD 1.2 freeware

This tutorial shows how to load an AVI file (video,3d aqnimation...) directly into the custom brush system as an animated brush. Once it's in the brush system, you can paint with it: single-clicks to stamp down the sequence, or draw and paint liberally while it's automatically cycling through the images. The avi clip could be a looping walk sequence from Poser or DAZstudio or anything you animate in 2D or 3D. Lots of ways to use it. A single running man can quickly turn into a hord, a stampede of characters at different sizes, colors, speeds....

staigermanus on 3:52PM Sun, 30 November 2008

Space art painting with PD Artist, PD Particles or PD Pro

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 198 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle including free version or possibly other painting software too

Another look at painting space backgrounds with starfields, nebulae and dark matter. A final animation done with Carrara too.

staigermanus on 12:27AM Sat, 16 August 2008

Carrara + Project Dogwaffle

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 208 / System Requirements: Windows, Carrara, PD Pro or similar

Here's a first of hopefully a series of tutorials that focus on how you can use Carrara for 3D together with Project Dogwaffle. Of course, many of the tutes will also have value to those using other 3D tools such as Bryce, Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, AnimationMaster etc... first tutorial shows how to render a 3D object into a Targa image as 32-bit with Alpha, so that the background is 'transparent' when loaded into a Dogwaffle custom brush.There are numerous other tutorials sprinkled already across in different places, for things like post work, video frame editing, special fx and adding foliage with particle brushes. You'll see a number of links at the above location to some of these other 3d-related tutorials.Happy waffling in 3D! - beyond digital painting

staigermanus on 7:47AM Fri, 07 March 2008

Nature Painting with particle brushes and spritesheets for animated brushes

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 1031 / System Requirements: Windows, Project Dogwaffle

Create a bunch of tufts of grass and shrubbery with particle brushes. Collect them into a spritesheet, then convert it into an animated multi-frame brush. Then paint with it to quickly create grassy hills - in seconds.

staigermanus on 10:30PM Tue, 22 January 2008

Creating Grid Patterns from parallel lines

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 140 / System Requirements: PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)

Starting with just a few horizontal lines, making it into a grid, here's a bunch of amazing grid patterns you can easily create with the Color Sobel Edge detect filter and a few others.

staigermanus on 9:37AM Sat, 29 December 2007

Scratch-It - animated texture bluescreen combination for lottery scratcher

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 230 / System Requirements: PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)

Animated textures can add a lot of content to 3D renderings, whether mapped into color channels, bump, alpha or other shader components. An example is the progressive scratching of a lottery ticket to gradually reveal the underlying message such as "you win!". In this tutorial, PD Pro is used to combine two animated textures by way of traditional blue-screening so as to reveal the hidden message through an ever-increasing opening created by the scratching.

staigermanus on 1:29AM Tue, 18 December 2007

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