How to model a Head in XSI.

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I hope this tutorial will help some of you.Im not saying this is the best way of doing it, its just my way.

hypronost on 2:37PM Mon, 14 July 2003

Basic Shading in XSI.

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Texturing and shading in xsi is very cool. Take that from a guy that comes from LW.In this tutorial Ill show you all the basics about shading an object.

hypronost on 2:13PM Mon, 14 July 2003

How to install an addon in XSI.

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Before you start messing around in xsi you will notice that part of the interface is missing near your status bar at the bottom of the screen unless you minimize that status bar (tiny bug in xsi).I will show you how to fix this and show you how easy you can ad a script or addon into xsi.

hypronost on 11:31AM Mon, 14 July 2003