3-Braid Rope Insert Brush for ZBrush

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 39 / System Requirements: ZBrush 4R6, Rhino 3D

Someday I will be more proficient in ZBrush - after several days going through the tutorials, the manual, etc. and hours trying to do a simple 3-braid rope-twist using ZB, I resorted to my old simple stand-by Rhino 3D (yes a Nurbs modeler) to model the segment. Imported obj into ZBrush, tweaked it with ZB's remesher and got something passable as an insert brush... a bit more tweaking with brush stretch, welding, etc. needed. For me at this point a far less painful and much shorter work flow

Nate on 1:40PM Sun, 02 November 2014

Step-By-Step Demo videos in Painter

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 291 / System Requirements: Computer and browser

Demo videos of painting caricatures using Painter. Most have voice-over explaining the process. These are showing my approach... demonstrating a way to do the art with Painter.You can see a portfolio of my work at my web site = http://www.nateowens.com... 30+ years of professional illustration for publications, greeting cards, etc.

Nate on 11:26PM Fri, 11 January 2008