Colorizing a Black and White Photograph

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 783

How to turn a black and white photo into a color photo - it doesn't get much easier than this !!

paulselhi on 6:12AM Fri, 04 May 2007

Restoring Photographs and Adding Color To Black and White

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1198 / System Requirements: Photoshop, BlackMagic (optional)

I have put up a few articles on photo restoration and colorization of black and white photographsIt's all a bit basic at the moment as i am just starting to build up the tutorials section, i hope to get a lot more in depth tuts done as well as some video tutorials

paulselhi on 6:42AM Fri, 13 April 2007

Terragen and Cinema 4D Video Tutorials

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 359 / System Requirements: Windows or Macintosh PC; Cinema 4D

I have made a basic guide to terragen mainly for our Cinema 4d members since I use TG a lot within C4D. I hope to make some more advanced tuts for TG soonI also have a basic TG to C4D tutorial using the Terra4D plugin and a Pyrocluster clous tutorial using a TG terrain with a camera mapped TG animation as a texture TG texture

paulselhi on 12:00AM Sun, 22 January 2006