How to Render Faster in 3DS Max - Optimize Your Scenes and Geometry and Reduce Polygon Count

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 11 / System Requirements: 3DS Max

In this tutorial you'll learn Pro tips from GarageFarm how to render faster in 3ds Max by optimizing your scene and geometry as well as reducing polygon count. Don't wait forever for the render to finish! Learn to reduce render time now.

CGElves on 11:18AM Thu, 28 April 2016

Creating virtual 360 Panorama

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 255 / System Requirements: 3ds Max with any up-to-date renderer

CG tutorial about how to create and render interactive 360 degree panorama for architecture virtual tour in 3ds Max using V-ray or mental ray renderer. About why you shouldn't use the 3ds max panorama exporter and how to achieve the best quality panoramic map picture with panoramic 360 degree camera in 3d max. Of why you don't want to render panoramic cube map and how to get the QuickTime output or flash file with the panorama software. Everybody knows how important the visualization and its role is in presentation of the design to the end user with nice photorealistic images. But what if just the series of static images is not enough? What if the client wants a greater sense of presence and volume than the 2d bitmap images, while doing the animation is impractical because of the significant time and computational costs? The answer to this rhetorical and quite topical question is the pseudo three-dimensional representation of 2d images using 3d interactive panoramas technology. Such a presentation will let us see a three-dimensional picture of the visualization using the...

MaxAttivo on 1:32PM Sun, 26 June 2011

Fume FX Burning Matchstick Tutorial

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 88 / System Requirements: 3ds max, Fumefx, Nuke, After Effects

Tutorial that shows how to use animated gradient ramps for three different uses. Covers basics of Modelling (Details thru displacement map), FumeFX simulation (fire from Intensity Map) , and compositing passes in Nuke.

shahnam on 6:02AM Thu, 28 April 2011

3d Studio Max Arch & Design Preset Examples

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 151

Take a look at the different Arch & Design material presets in 3d Studio Max and mental ray. There's an easy material for every situation!

Mr-Bluesummers on 4:25PM Fri, 04 March 2011

Depth of Field Quality Adjustment in mental ray

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 79

In this quick article, we'll be visually exploring how to adjust the quality of the depth of field effect in 3d Studio Max with mental ray.

Mr-Bluesummers on 4:22PM Fri, 04 March 2011

Matte/Transparent Rendering in 3dsMax mental ray

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 40

Need to remove the halos, glows, or other anti-aliasing artifacts from your matte/shadow or element renders? We'll talk about this and more in the Matte/Transparent rendering tutorial.

Mr-Bluesummers on 4:21PM Fri, 04 March 2011

Mosaic Tile Effect with Photoshop

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 138 / System Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

This week well be looking at how you can start off with an image and arrive at a mosaic tile effect when youre done. Its a powerful and simple technique that yields a better result than the ordinary cellular map method. This system is based on using the Photoshop Filter Stained Glass, so most of the effort takes place outside of 3ds Max. That makes it robust enough for both low-poly and high-poly work.

Mr-Bluesummers on 6:45PM Wed, 08 July 2009

Using the SSS Physical Material in 3dsMax mental ray

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 111 / System Requirements: 3dsMax 9+

This week, were going to be looking at how what we learned last week applies to the Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS) Physical Material in 3dsMax and mental ray. Theyre very similar, but the physical material gives you a little more control over the final outcome. Since this is both a shader and a material type, what you learn here is applicable across many applications!

Mr-Bluesummers on 6:43PM Wed, 08 July 2009

3dsMax Ink 'n Paint Primer

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 114 / System Requirements: 3d Studio Max

ve hammered out a 3-page Ink n Paint extravaganza! Ill walk you through the basics of the material as quickly as I can without leaving anyone behind. After that first page, we have a deep look at some of the more extreme things you can do with this material. Youll find that its handy for creating everything from basic cartoons to gritty surrealism to design-y product renders.

Mr-Bluesummers on 9:09PM Wed, 17 June 2009

How to create a lampshade material

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 187

A short tutorial that shows you how to create a lampshade material using 3ds max and vray, in just a few steps.

LordRavwen on 4:49PM Thu, 12 March 2009

Anti-Aliasing and Sub-Pixel Sampling Primer

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 102 / System Requirements: 3dsMax 9 or higher

So weve all heard about anti-aliasing, but what is it really? In this tutorial Ill be giving you a background on what anti-aliasing and sub-sampling mean in 3dsMax so that you can jump into a production setting with some understanding right off the bat. Well start off by looking at anti-aliasing in the scanline renderer, followed by sub-samling in the scanline renderer, and then we'll look at both for mental ray.

Mr-Bluesummers on 5:06PM Sun, 18 January 2009

mental ray Lighting Walkthrough

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 249

Welcome to the second mental ray lighting tutorial. In this feature, Ill be walking you through a typical lighting project for a scene I built for one of my Monday Movies. Remember that this isnt the only way to illuminate a scene, and your render times could get pretty high. Well be using mental ray Sun & Sky to get the base lighting, followed by a few area lights to illuminate the hallway section of the render. Ill show you some common settings youll need to set up along the way, and by the time were done you should have a well lit scene!

Mr-Bluesummers on 4:39PM Sun, 11 January 2009

mental ray Lighting Basics

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 235

For this tutorial, were going to explore mental ray by making a simple room and lighting setup. Ill be using 3dsMax 9 but you can follow along with any version. Im also including my finished file so you can pick it apart if it suits you.

Mr-Bluesummers on 4:37PM Sun, 11 January 2009

Scripted Clay Rendering (Buttonize it!)

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 70 / System Requirements: 3ds Max 9 or higher

I was thinking hard about the 3d Studio Max clay rendering tutorial I wrote a few days ago, and was pondering about what an extension might be. Then it struck me! Gosh, wouldnt it be cool to have a button in the 3dsMax interface that you could click, and have it automatically turn out a clean render while you go make a sandwich?The answer is of course!

Mr-Bluesummers on 2:23PM Sun, 11 January 2009

Easy Clay Rendering in 3 Steps

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 185 / System Requirements: Just 3dsMax 8 or higher

I realize that there are about a million clay render tutorials out there, and thousands for 3d Studio Max. Unfortunately, many people are still hung up on how to do them as evidenced by the questions we get in the 3dTotal forums. To resolve this, Ive decided to write my own that outlines how to take a quick clay render in just 3 easy steps.

Mr-Bluesummers on 2:21PM Sun, 11 January 2009

Depth of Field Primer

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 388 / System Requirements: 3dsMax 9 or higher

Depth of field is one of the many things you can use in your renders to add realism, meaning, and style. Like a lot of other features of 3ds Max, depth of field (DOF) requires tact and care to make a convincing and elegant result.

Mr-Bluesummers on 6:01PM Wed, 24 December 2008

3D Max mentalray Architectural exterior light& render setup tutorial

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 296 / System Requirements: 3d max 2008

In this video tutorial of, we will work on the Exterior Light setup, Render settings & HDRI, Environment Effects And Mental Ray Photographic Exposure Control setup to make a realistic and professional render. To download the sample scene go to Renderray is an online cg community specialised in rendering, where you can download and view the professional 3D scenes, tutorials and templates of vray, mentalray, final render, etc...

orkut on 1:21PM Fri, 11 July 2008