3d Tutorial | Spherical Pattern Symmetry | Blender 2.7x

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 26 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

This is a companion video to my most recent tutorial originally created for Autodesk 3dsMax. I will attempt to translate all of the techniques and tools used in my 3dsMax video to the Blender workflow. You will need to enable the Add Mesh : Extra Objects addon to complete this tutorial.

LuxXeon on 2:49PM Tue, 11 April 2017

Multiple Blender Instances

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 23 / System Requirements: Blender

How to create and run multiple Blender Instances on an Internal, External hard drive or Flash drive

Lobo3433 on 8:05PM Thu, 08 December 2016

3d Tutorial | Interlocked Star Nest | Blender 2.77

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 21 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

Based on my last tutorial for 3dsMax, in this video we recreate the technique used to model an Interlocked Star Nest in Blender 2.77. The result is a twisted star ball sculpture which could be translated into an interesting design element, or exported as STL for 3d printing with SLA or SLS technology.

LuxXeon on 12:22AM Tue, 25 October 2016

Model A Sacred Merkaba In Blender 2.76

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 27 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

In this tutorial, we're going to model a Sacred Merkaba, also known as a Stellated Octahedron or Star Tetrahedron in Blender 2.76. This is a companion video to a 3dsmax tutorial I did of the same object, and we will attempt to recreate that workflow now using Blender. You will need the Loop Tools addon, and the Extra Objects addon enabled for this exercise. They are located in the Addons tab of your User Preferences, under the "Mesh" and "Add Mesh" categories. I'm also using the Pie Menus, and Dynamic Spacebar Menu in this example, but they are not necessary to follow along.

LuxXeon on 2:25AM Tue, 29 December 2015

Model A Sphericon Pendant In Blender 2.76

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 25 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

In this tutorial, we model a sphericon pendant in Blender 2.76. This is a companion video to my latest 3dsmax tutorial of the same. I will attempt to translate the modeling strategy in Blender, to create an object which could be used in 3d printing, or as a unique design element, like a jewelry prop or sculpture, to be rendered in a scene.

LuxXeon on 6:50PM Sun, 29 November 2015

Model A Cubic Lattice Abstract In Blender 2.76

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 21 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

This video is a companion tutorial based on my previous 3dsmax video of the same object, in which we will model this complex mathematical sculpture for use as a digital render asset, or for 3d printing. The techniques used here are directly translated to Blender from the techniques I developed in 3dsmax. Be sure you have the Loop Tools addon enabled for this tutorial. I have the Pie Menu, and Dynamic Spacebar Menu addon enabled, but they are not necessary to complete this exercise. As always, thank you for watching, and please don't forget to Like this video, and subscribe to my channel for many more. Enjoy.

LuxXeon on 8:15PM Sat, 14 November 2015

Model A Octo-Star Sculpture In Blender 2.75a

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 19 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.75 or higher.

This is a Blender companion video to my previous tutorial, in which we will model this complex mathematical sculpture for use as a digital render asset, or for 3d printing. The techniques used here are directly translated to Blender from the techniques I developed in 3dsmax, and we will be taking full advantage of a NEW modifier introduced in the Blender 2.75a release, called "Corrective Smooth". You will need the 2.75a release to follow along, and please be sure you have all the Extra Objects addons enabled in your Preferences. I will be using the Pie Menus, Dynamic Spacebar Menu, and Icons:Dev addons in this tutorial as well, but those are not necessary to complete this project.

LuxXeon on 5:12PM Sun, 06 September 2015

Model A Cubic Gyroid Abstract For 3d Print In Blender 2.75

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 20 / System Requirements: Model A Cubic Gyroid In Blender 2.75

This is a companion video to my recent 3dsmax tutorial, in which we translate the process of modeling this shape to Blender 2.75, for 3d printing or digital design. The techniques shown here employ standard polygonal modeling tools, and no plugins or addons are necessary. The Dynamic Spacebar, Pie Menus, and Icons:Dev addons are enabled, but not required, for this tutorial.

LuxXeon on 12:48PM Tue, 11 August 2015

Model A Nested Dodecahedron Math Model In Blender 2.75

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 18 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.75 or higher.

This latest video is the Blender edition of my recent modeling tutorial for 3dsmax, in which I demonstrate a relatively quick and painless strategy to achieving a "nested" dodecahedron math model. This fascinating shape is really much less complex than it appears, but creating it will take us through some very interesting, and useful techniques to seamlessly connect concentric polygonal shapes, using the Loop Tools' Bridge command. Along the way, we also utilize advanced tactics for selecting and isolating interconnected surface elements on cumbersome geometry. The resulting model is ideal for 3D Printing; as an interesting piece of jewelry, decor; or simply as a digital design asset.

LuxXeon on 8:12AM Wed, 22 July 2015

Model A Trefoil Star Pendant In Blender 2.7x For Render Or Print

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 16 / System Requirements: Blender 3D v2.7x or higher.

This tutorial is a translation of my previous video for 3dsmax, in which I demonstrate an intermediate technique to achieve a beautiful trefoil star-shaped pendant object (known also as a Cayley Cubic Surface), which could be used as an interesting digital asset, or for 3d printing.

LuxXeon on 10:10AM Sun, 28 June 2015

Simple deform and orientating

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 20 / System Requirements: Blender, Pie menu addon, Dynamic Space Bar addon

Teaches how to orient the Simple Deform Modifier using an empty object. It specifically uses the bend portion of simple deform but the principle can be applied to the others.

Cybermonk on 8:50PM Wed, 18 March 2015

Using DAZ Genesis (and Genesis 2) models in Blender 3D

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1287 / System Requirements: Blender 3D, DAZ Studio

Importing and setting up a well-rigged, morphable Genesis (or Genesis 2) character into Blender can turn out to be a very tedious and repetitive task. This tutorial shows you how you can do it in just a few clicks.

khalibloo on 7:53AM Sun, 05 January 2014

Create Clothing Manikin/Doll In Blender

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 341 / System Requirements: Blender

This tutorial is to guide you thru the process of creating a clothing manikin/doll within Blender. This tutorial is based on these previous works and modified for the current version of Blender 2.69 I will be working using Poser 2012 but most of the steps are backward compatible with previous versions of Poser and the steps should also work with Daz Studio as to how to export your character. So let's get onto and have some fun Modeling.

Lobo3433 on 12:09PM Sat, 16 November 2013

One Way To Map Tattoos Using Blender

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 351 / System Requirements: Blender 2.49b (same principles for later versions)

It really is incredibly simple - maybe 50 keystrokes/mouse moves and less than 5 minutes to do a figure! This guide assumes you know how to import your mesh, position it, and delete the bits you don't need, but holds your hand from that point on...

3dcheapskate on 2:37AM Wed, 30 October 2013

How To Model A Seamless Tiling Texture

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 399 / System Requirements: Blender (I was using Blender 2.49)

For anybody who's downloaded my tiling mail textures and thinks it must be difficult to make them - it's not! This 15 page PDF shows how I make tiling textures from a 3D model. As long as you're familiar with Blender you should be able to follow these 12 steps quite easily and start creating your own seamless tiling textures. (If you use another 3D modelling app the same principles apply...)

3dcheapskate on 11:40PM Sat, 18 May 2013

UV Map Painting

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 504 / System Requirements: Blender 3D

A easy way for beginners to texture just by drawing the texture on the object. Done it in Blender 2.5

Jops_the_2nd on 4:47PM Wed, 17 August 2011

Use cookie cutter script in Blender 3d

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 164

If you want to avoid unreliable Boolean operations to cut complex patterns out of objects (ie, make holes), the cookie cutter script that comes with Blender is the answer. It's very like Shapemerge in 3ds Max.Also included at site assorted helpful notes about Blender generally.

giraffeez on 2:12AM Fri, 18 July 2008

From Blender to Poser the Easy Way

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 2547 / System Requirements: Windows or Mac for Poser; Linux, Mac or Windows for Blender, Poser 6+, Obj2Cr2 Python Script (PhilC)

Importing 3D clothing meshes into Poser to make conforming cloth just got a whole lot easier with PhilC's Obj2Cr2 Python script utility. If you do your prep work right - and there's not really all *that* much that needs doing - you will find yourself freed from the frustration of that bane of Poser content developers: the "Setup Room".A caveat: this is how *I* import clothing made in Blender3D. I may have left a tickbox unticked or left some key point unsaid. Please let me know if you find yourself at a loss as to how to continue. Be happy to help. Another caveat: this tutorial was written a long time ago Blender 2.45?? - WOW!)... I only recently discovered that during a website reshuffle some images were moved, which I've restored. The tutorial still works even in the newer versions of Blender and Poser. I've almost completely gone to dynamic cloth, however, so do not avail myself much of mechanisms that facilitate modelling conforming cloth anymore.

RobynsVeil on 8:45PM Sat, 07 June 2008

Staining your textures with Vertex Colors

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 221 / System Requirements: Blender3D

A short tutorial showing how you can tint and stain your textures using Vertex Colors.

Reddog9 on 11:23PM Thu, 10 January 2008


Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 169 / System Requirements: Blender

Utilisation de la commande Alt-S et applications.Using "Alt-S" !!

jo3d on 8:54AM Sun, 23 December 2007

Eye Tracking

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 146 / System Requirements: Blender 3D

Here's a short tutorial on Eye movement. It shows you how to add a constraint to an armature bone that will track a target.

Reddog9 on 4:57PM Sat, 06 October 2007

UV unwrapping in Blender Part 2 : The body

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 950 / System Requirements: Blender 3D

This is part two of a series on unwrapping a character in Blender. In this tut we will do the body. I will show two methods, one long and drawn out, and one quick and simple.

oldskoolPunk on 11:51AM Wed, 07 March 2007

UV Unwrapping in Blender: Part 1 :The Head

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1116 / System Requirements: Blender 3D

This tutorial is aimed at anyone (beginner-advanced) that wants to unwrap thier models using Blender. In this first part I will concentrate on setting up the workspace and explaining the seam creation tools.

oldskoolPunk on 9:03AM Tue, 06 March 2007

blender3d opacity and normal map tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 671

create low poly leafs for use in trees with high leaf count but low ram.

oodmb on 10:51PM Thu, 25 January 2007

Python Rfrence Rapide

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 98 / System Requirements: Windows or Macintosh PC; Blender Poser5 Poser4 Poser Python

Lesprogrammes tels Blender ou Poser utilisent le langage de programmationPython, pour raliser des tches quils ne offrirnativement. Lartiste peut lutiliser pour facilement grer destches qui autrement seraient complexes ou laborieuses mettre en uvre avec seules les fonctionnalits des programmes.Ce didacticiel explique avec des exemples, condition deconnatre dj un langage de programmation, lesrudiments de Python.

imarend on 12:00AM Wed, 21 July 2004

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