Tutorial: Install and run Typo3 with Xampp in 13 Minutes!

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 83 / System Requirements: XAMPP, TYPO3

TIP: Scroll to 12:50 to see the result first!!!Welcome to my next tutorial :-)In this tutorial we will see how to:Steps:1. Download the XAMPP Package (As a ZIP, without installer!)2. Download Typo3 4.5 the Introduction package3. Extract the Xampp4. Execute setup_xampp.bat5. Use xampp-control.exe to start Apache and MySQL6. Go to localhost to see if your webserver runs fine! :)7. Copy the Typo3 files into the Xampp "htdocs" folder8. Go through the installation tool of Typo39. See your Typo3 Sample Homepage running!!!!!! :-)Required and used Software:- Windows System (2000, 2003 or other Server prefered)- Webbrowser- XAMPP Package (free download at www.apachefriends.org)- Typo3 Package (free download at www.typo3.org)I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

TerragonDE on 7:23AM Sat, 19 November 2011

Understanding external style sheets and css

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 178 / System Requirements: no specific software or system

This tutorial is a guide that will give a basic understanding of external style sheets and how to create or modify columns inside themThe tutorial goes through the simple things like text effects and borders then moves on to divs and creating and editing columns. It ends with some ideas for creating a web site page and how to incorporate backgrounds for some neat effects.

anniemation on 7:34PM Thu, 06 March 2008

Html code

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 410

Mini tutorial HTML code

Valerie-Ducom on 9:38PM Thu, 07 June 2007