Tutorial: Create female cloth in Cinema 4D with Clothilde (Night dress with black mini skirt)

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 204 / System Requirements: Cinema4D, Clothilde Module

TIP: Scroll to 12:22 to see the result first!!!Welcome to my next tutorial :-)In this tutorial we will see how to:1. Import a Figure2. Create polygons for an evening dress for front and back3. Connect the front and back side on the sides4. Divide the polygon in many smaller polygons (to get more detailed cloth)5. Add Collision and Cloth Tags6. Define stitch Polygons7. Use the Dress-O-matic tool to make the cloth fit to the figure8. FInal renderRequired and used Software:- Cinema 4D (I used 11.5)- Cinema 4D Mocca Plugin (Clothilde)I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

TerragonDE on 7:21AM Sat, 19 November 2011

CLOTHER Hybrid Noir User Guide

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 163 / System Requirements: CLOTHER Hybrid Noir for V4

User Guide with step by step tutorial for "CLOTHER Hybrid Noir for V4". You need to have Acrobat Reader for read this file.

zew3d on 7:19AM Sat, 22 October 2011

ADDHOW - Complementary Colors, presented by Dan Ritchie

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 58 / System Requirements: Project Dogwaffle or similar digital painting tools

ADDHOW (A Daily Dose of Howling Or Waffling) is a series of tutorials typically in video form hosted on Youtube which show tips, tricks and basic techniques for use with PD Pro but which can also be used with other tools in some cases.This tutorial covers basics of complementary colors.

staigermanus on 10:25PM Tue, 18 October 2011

Create distressed texture with transparent background

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 193 / System Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create distressed texture and save it as a tif file with a transparent background to use in Adobe Illustrator.

Slizzie on 7:56AM Sat, 17 September 2011

Hall - make the scene

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 664 / System Requirements: Win7 / Vue 9 Complete

This tutorial describes the structure of the scene "The Blue Hour" using Vue 9 Complete.

lonely_wolf on 2:58PM Tue, 06 September 2011

Renderosity Mobile Site App Tour

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 2083

Mobile site app

thaaksma on 3:55PM Tue, 23 August 2011


Skill Level: Regular / Views: 249 / System Requirements: Windows 32-bit

Enough physical RAM for all your simultaneous programs, and enough user memory for one single program, really are separate things. Solving one will not solve the other. This tutorial leads the way for those who experience out-of-memory problems when rendering 3D, video or music in a 32-bit environment. Originally Oct 2010 in Poser section.Updated Aug 2011, republished in Vue section.

aRtBee on 2:53AM Sun, 21 August 2011

UV Map Painting

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 496 / System Requirements: Blender 3D

A easy way for beginners to texture just by drawing the texture on the object. Done it in Blender 2.5

Jops_the_2nd on 4:47PM Wed, 17 August 2011

How to Install Content for DAZ Studio

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1332 / System Requirements: DAZ Studio and Downloaded Content

You can own all the 3D models in the world, but they're useless if you can't install them. In this tutorial I outline the steps for installing DAZ 3D content as well as content originally designed for Poser. No prior experience with DAZ Studio required.

OniDrEvil on 4:23PM Mon, 15 August 2011

Vids from Uncle808us

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1547

uncle808us on 3:31PM Fri, 05 August 2011

Spritesheets in Project Dogwaffle

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1349

This is a mini series on using or creating Spritesheets with Project Dogwaffle. Since PD Pro used to be available here at rosity I figure there's still a large community of wafflers, I hope this helps you. We may bring PD Pro 5/6, PD Artist 2 (TBD) and PD Howler back here some time soon. Stay tuned.

staigermanus on 9:39AM Fri, 05 August 2011

How made a seamless chainmail texture with Blender and PPro2010?

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 949 / System Requirements: Blender, Poser Pro 2010 and Photoshop

In this tutorial, I explain own made your own seamless chainmail texture with Blender, Poser Pro 2010 and Photoshop.

ile-avalon on 3:17AM Fri, 22 July 2011

Poser Cloth Room - Getting Started

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 3352 / System Requirements: Poser

This is a basic tutorial on using clothing in the Poser Cloth Room.All items used in the video are from the Poser content library and Renderosity Free Stuff. So if you want to work along with me, you can.

Acadia on 11:52AM Thu, 21 July 2011

Biscuits ClothRoom Basics

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 3365

This is a videotutorial to simulate a dynamic dress on V4 in Poser's Clothroom, the dress used is part of the Biscuits Fashion pack it's in my store.

Biscuits on 11:23AM Thu, 21 July 2011

Texture Modeling for Games with 3dsMax 2011

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 159

Texture modeling is the process of creating 3D geometry based on real world photographs as reference. Unlike more generalized modeling methods, where an artist examines photographic reference and then attempts to interpret the object themselves in 3D, texture modeling actually builds geometry that is based on exact pictures. This is a great technique that allows modelers to create both realistic models, and incorporate lots of detail- quickly and easily.In this video taken from our training product, Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D Volume II: 3dsMax and ZBrush Production Pipeline, we will see how to use this technique in a practical and real world situation. Well be using a reference photograph to build geometry that matches with the image, and well be doing this with polygons, from scratch. The technique will be used with game development and real time asset needs in mind, so consideration for triangle limits and topology will be taken into consideration. 3dsMax 2011 is used in this video, however, note that the same technique can be applied to most, if not all 3D modeling packages. You can also use this workflow for visual effects work and other applications in the CG industry, not just games.

i3DTutorials on 4:28PM Fri, 15 July 2011

How to save at least 50% rendering time?

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 792 / System Requirements: Any 3D software

My 3D students often ask me how on earth they can speed up their rendering time. So, I created a short video that will answer that single question...How to save at least 50% rendering time in any 3D software?

dreamlight on 12:20PM Thu, 14 July 2011

Compositing 3D Figures With Photo Backgrounds # 1: Molly the Coffee Fae

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 613 / System Requirements: Poser, Photoshop (Gimp, PSP)

This is the first of 4 planned tutorials on my methods for blending 3D figures with photo (or other) backgrounds. This tutorial demonstrates blending into an indoor scene with soft lighting. PDF format, 11.7 MB.

RodS on 10:03PM Sat, 09 July 2011

Creating virtual 360 Panorama

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 253 / System Requirements: 3ds Max with any up-to-date renderer

CG tutorial about how to create and render interactive 360 degree panorama for architecture virtual tour in 3ds Max using V-ray or mental ray renderer. About why you shouldn't use the 3ds max panorama exporter and how to achieve the best quality panoramic map picture with panoramic 360 degree camera in 3d max. Of why you don't want to render panoramic cube map and how to get the QuickTime output or flash file with the panorama software. Everybody knows how important the visualization and its role is in presentation of the design to the end user with nice photorealistic images. But what if just the series of static images is not enough? What if the client wants a greater sense of presence and volume than the 2d bitmap images, while doing the animation is impractical because of the significant time and computational costs? The answer to this rhetorical and quite topical question is the pseudo three-dimensional representation of 2d images using 3d interactive panoramas technology. Such a presentation will let us see a three-dimensional picture of the visualization using the...

MaxAttivo on 1:32PM Sun, 26 June 2011

Creating a Tower

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 136 / System Requirements: Terragen2

The tutorial will show you how to create a tower using Terragen2's Crater shader. How to apply displacement and constrain that displacement to the tower. The tut also includes instruction on how to insert a clip file into your scene. To see the kind of structures you can create using this method check out my "Bollards" scene in the Terragen gallery here.Have fun.

WeeLaddie on 6:59AM Mon, 20 June 2011

Spagetti Straps on a top in SIlo

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1893

A quicky video from the Digital Tailor series. In this video we put a spagetti shoulder strap on a dress/topHope you enjoy.John

Fugazi1968 on 2:31PM Sat, 18 June 2011

More Tips to Improve Your 3D Renders

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1096 / System Requirements: DAZ Studio, Image Editing Program

I examine even more little tweaks that can take your render from 'regular' to a real stand-out. With things like backdrop, ambient, reflections and more, you'll find easy and helpful tools you might not have even known about!

OniDrEvil on 10:03PM Tue, 07 June 2011

Using UVMapper to transfer groups

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 248 / System Requirements: UVMapper or UVMapper Pro

Need to transfer groups from an unmorphed OBJ to a morphed version of that same OBJ? Here's how!

Teyon on 12:11AM Mon, 23 May 2011

How to Create a Digital Art Portfolio

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 283 / System Requirements: Image Editing Program, Adobe Acrobat

The age of the internet is slowly pushing out physical art portfolios as the go-to examples for art-related jobs. While there are many new, digital ways to get your artwork seen by the right people, I give you one method that is quick, easy and email-friendly.

OniDrEvil on 9:35PM Sun, 22 May 2011

How to repare deltas data in the cr2 file using CR2Builder.

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 485 / System Requirements: WindowsXP/Vista/7 and Poser5/6/7/8

If you have not licence to distribute the poser file,we could not distribute original poser file with deltas data.So then make the deltas data less file to distribute.(you need get the licence to destribute cr2 file from owner of copyright. )we repare the distribute files. ( it are added original deltas data from original file. )when we get it and use it.

kim99 on 3:20AM Wed, 18 May 2011

How to make deltas data less cr2 file using CR2Builder.

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 303 / System Requirements: WindowsXP/Vista/7 and Poser5/6/7/8

Morph data is copyright. Morph is deltas tree node data.The poser file do not has deltas node data in order to be free form copyright. (you need get the licence to destribute cr2 file from owner of copyright. )

kim99 on 3:03AM Wed, 18 May 2011