Mastering Depth of Field in Bryce 5.0

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 726

A comprehensive guild to creating, using and mastering the art of Depth of Field for Bryce 5.0

Dash101 on 4:16PM Tue, 15 April 2003

Bottle Cap Tutorial Creating a Metal Pop Top with Rhinoceros 3D

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1184

This is a fairly detailed tutorial written for beginning and intermediate level users. Its primary goal is to teach you some of the modeling skills you will need to create a variety of objects with Rhinoceros 3D, not to mention showing you how to model a bottle pop-top.

Alan-ASD on 7:15PM Sun, 27 April 2003

Particle Systems

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 855

A beginners guide to Hypervoxels and Wind.

Oshio on 2:35PM Sun, 04 May 2003

Matrix Screen Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 307

This tutorial will show you how EZ making that famous matrix screen really is. I did this in PhotoShop7 but probly can be done on others.

GODspeed on 12:54PM Wed, 07 May 2003

Patterned Cloth

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 451 / System Requirements: Windows or Macintosh PC; Adobe Photoshop

How to make a seamlessly tiling pattern into a photorealistic image of patterned cloth. With a bit of additional Photoshop work, you can use what you learn here to create patterned clothing when postworking your Poser renders.

aprilgem on 12:00AM Sat, 10 May 2003

ShadowRose's 'Wet Look' Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1780

In order to achieve a believably wet scene, one must master the 'wet look' for his or her completed image. This tutorial touches on the techniques associated with such a task.

ShadowRose on 3:49PM Sat, 10 May 2003

Renderosity e-mail account setup tutorial (MAC/PC)

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 458

This Tutorial will help you configure your e-mail application to be able to access your new Renderosity e-mail account.

Store Staff on 3:01PM Sun, 11 May 2003

Making an eye (one way to do it)

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 821

How to paint an eye in Photoshop from nothing, no sketch is needed. Photoshop 5 can be used.

Czarinaqueen on 4:39AM Tue, 13 May 2003

Basic Polygon Reduction

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 461

A simple tutorial for LightWave 3D newbies that should help you understand some basic tools for reducing the overall polygon count of your meshes.

Moebius87 on 2:32AM Wed, 14 May 2003

EZ Space Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 376

Star Fields made EZ. Instant Starfield within 2 mins.You might have seen some work of mine called the heavenly concept series that I'm working on. A lot of people ask.. How do you make such cool stars... EZ I say.. and this is how.

GODspeed on 5:50PM Wed, 14 May 2003

Lightning Effect in Photoshop

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 312

Simple sequence of steps to make Lightning graphics in Adobe Photoshop. No extra plug-ins required, works with Photoshop's default/initial package.

UnisusAurora on 11:21PM Thu, 15 May 2003

Instant Over Exposed Poser Renders

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 777

Did you ever think those poser renders were just looking a bit flat. They just didn't have that quality of light you were looking for?

cockjuice on 4:47PM Fri, 16 May 2003

Poser to 3dsMax

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1520

Transferring Poser figures into 3dsMax is not a difficult task but many have struggled with little tweaks such as DAZ Victorias eyeballs or opacity maps. The approach explained here is not the only way to accomplish the task but it will get you started and allow you to apply your own improvements to the process. It is targetting beginner to intermediate level users and assumes basic knowledge of both Poser and 3dsMax - object manipulation and navigation are not covered for either application. Import of animations is not part of this document.

Prasutagus on 1:26PM Sat, 17 May 2003

Advanced Matrix Screen Tutorial

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 338

Back by popular demand. Matrix Screen ADVANCED version! Here you will learn how to take the matrix font, and apply it using my earlier tutorial.

GODspeed on 6:50PM Sat, 17 May 2003

Basic Plumbing Modeling Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 644

A beginner's simple nine-step guide to the basic modeling tools needed for your plumbing and pipe modeling requirements for LightWave 3D

Moebius87 on 3:02AM Mon, 26 May 2003

Above and Below the Sea

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1651

How to make those images where you can see above and below the water line at the same time with Vue d'Esprit (also works with Bryce, Lightwave and others)

sacada on 2:35AM Tue, 27 May 2003

"The Shape" - Using Distorted Lattices

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 715

This is how I went about warping rj001's shape to make the different parts of my structure I made for the Bryce Forum's April Challenge. It's real easy and requires no real talent (the real secret behind everything I do). I'll go through the whole process with one of my shapes.

AgentSmith on 1:17AM Wed, 28 May 2003

Full body morphs for Poser using Zbrush.

Skill Level: Advanced / Views: 2699

This tutorial will guide you step by step by successfully achieve full body morphs in Poser.

royuriel on 4:37PM Thu, 29 May 2003

Matrix Screen Animated for 3dsMax

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 612

The popular green screen with characters pouring, animated in Max, based on GODspeed's tutorial for Photoshop.

ghandi on 2:23PM Fri, 06 June 2003

How to use WorldBuilder materials

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 651

WorldBuilder has a lot of possibilities with the use of materials, we will use a volcano scene to illustrate this and do the following with materials in this tutorial:-How to add a material-Using compound materials-How to add a texture and bumping-Using phong photometry-Using placing conditions-Using materials in an area-Using a fractilizer

Alfons on 7:31AM Sat, 07 June 2003

WorldBuilder volumelight

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 464

In WorldBuilder you can create very nice Volumelightsbut you have to be patient and keep a few things in mindthe get the best results, i will explain how this canbe done efficiently in the following tutorial.This tutorial can be used for version 2, 3 and 3.5.Have a lot of fun with WorldBuilder.

Alfons on 8:41AM Sat, 07 June 2003

WorldBuilder-3DS Max communication tutorial

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 509

The Max communicator of WorldBuilder is a great way to integrate the best of the 2 software packages in 1 render.The main advantage of this is that we can use the flexible material editor of Max in combination withthe landscape capabilities of WorldBuilder. There is of course the possibility of importing 3DS models in WorldBuilder, but that means we have to convert every single part of the imported Max materials to WorldBuilder materials and adjusting the phong photometry of every part separatly.This can be done with simple models, but for more complex models the Max communicator is the bestsolution.I made a greenhouse model in Max for this scene which we will use to make the following setting:- A camera will be inside the greenhouse and have a view of the plants inside and the landscape outside. - We will use small landscapes for the flowerbeds in the greenhouse.- We will create shadows and reflections of both WorldBuilder and Max objects in the scene.

Alfons on 9:11AM Sat, 07 June 2003

How to work with shadows in WorldBuilder

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 321

To create good shadows in World Builder you have to keep a few things in mind, do not use one shadowmap for the whole scene this is very ineffective and will not create the proper shadowdetail.You can use different shadowmaps for different areas on your landscape, follow the steps below and see how this can be done.

Alfons on 11:16AM Sat, 07 June 2003

Create a starscape using a particle system

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 485

This tutorial will show you how to use a particle system to model stars.

RedMagickMage on 8:55PM Wed, 11 June 2003

Simple Wood Texture

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 309

A simple way to make a wood texture. Anyone can do it! Just 6 steps! Exact commands for PSP 7 but also works with Photoshop and other PSP versions.

pantheransl on 12:56AM Thu, 12 June 2003

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