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How can I advertise my MarketPlace products at Renderosity?
Category: Selling
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Asked at 3:17 pm on Tuesday, November 7, 2006

How can I advertise my MarketPlace products at Renderosity?
Last modified 2008-10-25 09:52


There are many marketing tools supplied by Renderosity to help promote sales.
Taking advantage of these tools has proven to help increase product sales!

  • Free Banner Ad
  • Exclusive Product Banner Ad
  • Automated Sale System
  • Product Showcase Forum
  • Product Showcase Art Gallery
  • Contest Sponsorship
  • Renderosity Calendar

    Free Banner Ad - Banner Ads are displayed at the top of all Renderosity pages. They are rotated for display with each new page view.
    The Banner Ad can be used to promote a specific product or to promote your entire product line.

    Exclusive Product Banner Ad - If you have a Renderosity Exclusive product in your store you get another Banner Ad to
    promote the Exclusive product.

    Automated Sale System - Use this feature to place as many single products or your entire store on sale for a specific period of time.

    Please see the Vendor Control Room User Guide for in-depth information on uploading Banner Ads, Front Page Headlines and using the Automated Sale System.

    Product Showcase Forum - The Product Showcase Forum should be used to make product announcements.
    The announcement can be Coming Soon, On Sale, Product Update or any other type of product announcement you can think of.

    Product Showcase Art Gallery - The Product Showcase Art Gallery should be used to post promotional types of images. Also called Hard Advertising.

    Contest Sponsorship - Sponsor a contest with some of your products. Use the Merchant Contests Forum to coordinate your sponsorships.

    Renderosity Calendar - Use the calendar to announce product release dates and product sales. Contact the Store Staff if you wish to schedule a release date for your new product.

    Other Marketing Ideas:
  • Locate a few artists who do out of this world renders. Offer them a free copy of your product in exchange for some promotional renders that you can display in the Art Galleries.
  • Beef up your free Home Page space here at Renderosity. Add your contact information, merchant logo, Art Gallery links, etc.
  • If you have promotional images in the Art Galleries link to them from your products sales description in the MarketPlace using HTML. Text such as "Click here to see this product in use" will really help.
  • Include a product catalog text file inside each of your product ZIP files. Providing links to each of your store products with a small sales description.
  • Offer a stripped down version of your full retail product as a Free Item. This peeks customer interest and may tempt them to purchase the full retail version with all the extras included.
  • Offer free add-ons for your retail product. Models are good for this. Offer a set of free texture maps for your retail model.
  • If you have a personal web site link back to your store pages here at Renderosity. Have thumbnails of your product line on your web site that directly link to the products page at Renderosity.
Answered 2006-11-08 12:56 / last modified 2008-10-25 09:52

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