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R_Cadia ( posted at 9:56PM Mon, 01 October 2007

Great image!

flaviok ( posted at 10:04PM Mon, 01 October 2007

Explendi criação,pose e iluminação soberbas, aplausos (5)

angelbearzs ( posted at 10:11PM Mon, 01 October 2007

she is very pretty!!!:)

LudyMelltSekher ( posted at 10:15PM Mon, 01 October 2007

{@}>---Hello my dear friend, A wonderful composition full of harmony and beauty. Fantastic work. Superbly done!! Congratulations!! A million stars from me.**************(Thanks you very much for you comments) Have a wonderful day, Hug and kiss in your heart. Luminous Blessings Ludy--<--<@

sim3344 ( posted at 11:35PM Mon, 01 October 2007

Awesome scene!! Excellent work !!!

Revelation-23 ( posted at 12:08AM Tue, 02 October 2007

If I knew that open mic night would end up with a show like this, I might leave the apartment more often!

PIERRE25 ( posted at 2:27AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Jolie mise en scène, belle image!!!

stevey3d ( posted at 3:00AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Excellent image! Great pose and ligthing! 5+

Agun ( posted at 3:12AM Tue, 02 October 2007

I bet she gets the applause when that top flew open. Nicely done. 15 hours... you have far more patience than I do my friend.

saretta ( posted at 3:13AM Tue, 02 October 2007

She's a gorgeous rockstar,splendid latex outfit and pose,awesome!!:-)

originalkitten ( posted at 3:55AM Tue, 02 October 2007


FALCON2 ( posted at 4:00AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Fun idea, and a beautiful render!

efferre ( posted at 5:09AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Excellent composition and beautiful interior!

Draftshop ( posted at 5:44AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Great work, well done.

Antonio57 ( posted at 5:46AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Belle mise en scène!!!!!!!

Anar_K ( posted at 9:20AM Tue, 02 October 2007

....and Simon,Randy and Paula were speechless

Denys234 ( posted at 9:45AM Tue, 02 October 2007

Beautiful render!!!

densa ( posted at 6:45PM Tue, 02 October 2007

outstanding now that's one heck of a singer

magnus073 ( posted at 8:49PM Tue, 02 October 2007

Simply fabulous work, you can literally feel the energy flowing forth from it.

FS ( posted at 7:27AM Wed, 03 October 2007

Excellent image!!

Mondwin ( posted at 10:35AM Thu, 04 October 2007

Superbly and brilliant scene...bravissimo!V:DDD.Hugsxx

1010 ( posted at 10:53AM Thu, 04 October 2007

Nice modeling, a great looking stage. Excellent work!

aquablue ( posted at 1:07PM Thu, 04 October 2007

Excellent scene ..... open mic or open jacket !!! lol

sessan53 ( posted at 5:14PM Thu, 04 October 2007

Very great image. Your scene is very good:-)hugs sessan

justnew ( posted at 7:43PM Thu, 04 October 2007

Excellent comp and lighting on your post.

Steff_7 ( posted at 8:45PM Thu, 04 October 2007

Reminds me of when I had a few to many and thought I could sing. Excellent and realistic creation. Love the pose and lighting...

CrimsonDesire ( posted at 8:50PM Thu, 04 October 2007

A fun image, great mood ^^

robotalk ( posted at 9:23PM Thu, 04 October 2007

DAMN !!!! That is astounding !! sensational work !

Burpee ( posted at 9:47PM Thu, 04 October 2007

Impressive modelling and very cool pose and subject!

Sylvia ( posted at 9:48PM Thu, 04 October 2007

~Bella & Sensual~ EXCELLENT!! ^5^