Fancy candle prop for Daz Studio (Iray Only) by LaurieA ()

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Software:   DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

License:  This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

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Product Notes

Files needed to use this product - Daz Studio 4.9+. It might work in 4.8 but has not been tested in it, so I can't guarantee it.

16 wax colors and prop loads at approx tabletop height. Promos were rendered in Iray with bloom enabled (it makes the candle flame look much more realistic). Bloom settings were as follows: Bloom Radius-0.015; Bloom Threshold-3000; Bloom Brightness Scale-0.30. I also decreased the amount of Film ISO to make the render appear darker and therefore make the burning flames stand out more. These settings may or may not work for your render and may need some tweaking.

Candle flame is a solid mesh and not a series of flat planes.

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Freestuff Comments

DanuKid ( posted at 4:22PM Fri, 02 February 2018

Awesome. Thank you just found these as I am playing with settings trying to get my candles to look better. Yours look terrific!

Penname ( posted at 9:45PM Tue, 23 May 2017

Thank you! These little props can add so much to a scene.

AnitramE ( posted at 12:42PM Thu, 27 April 2017

thank you!

ClockworkEros ( posted at 1:19PM Tue, 25 April 2017

Very nice; thank you! :-)

mininessie ( posted at 5:11AM Mon, 24 April 2017

beautiful...thank you so much!

PhthaloBlue ( posted at 4:09PM Sun, 23 April 2017

Beautiful - thanks very much!

ladydrakana ( posted at 10:23AM Sun, 23 April 2017

Love the look of the render. Thank you for sharing.

speculoos ( posted at 4:29AM Sun, 23 April 2017

Gorgeous... Thank you! ☺