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Operating System(s):  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

Updated to version plugin adds three new commands to DAZ Studio.Recent Files -- menu item lists the names of the 10 most recently used (loaded/saved) .DUF scene files. Smart Save -- will save the current scene just like the built in Save menu item. Only if the current scene is one of the two default scenes configured in the preferences, it will open a file save dialog and let the user specify the filename. Smart Save Increment -- will save the current scene by first stripping any number at the end of the scene file name and incrementing that number by 1. If the scene has not been saved before or is the default scene a standard file save dialog will open the first time.

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Freestuff Comments

sunset_coust ( posted at 9:28PM Sun, 08 September 2013

Gold Jim's silver and all that is of value this is worth that plus more a 10 if there was one

DaWrecka ( posted at 8:43PM Wed, 07 August 2013

Holy crap, yes. Might not be loud; might not be flashy; but holy god, is this useful. Incremental saving alone is worth its weight in gold.

gendragon ( posted at 6:16PM Mon, 05 August 2013

Thank you for sharing! Leave a link about it on my site!

TheMystEra ( posted at 11:51AM Mon, 05 August 2013

Great Plugin, thank you :)

chacornac ( posted at 5:41AM Sun, 04 August 2013

Super, merci, très utile, je le signale sur mon site DAZ ** Great, thank you, very useful, I point to my site DAZ

Palaemon ( posted at 1:57AM Sun, 04 August 2013

Thank you very much ! The "Recent files" command was really lacking in Daz. If I understand correctly, the other two commands mimic that exists in Bryce and is very useful too.

atrion ( posted at 10:29PM Sat, 03 August 2013