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Product Notes

Very simple RSR Converter that converts most existing Poser RSRs into PNGs.Can work on subdirectories, too. Will only convert RSRs when there's not already a PNG.[Updated 2009-09-13 to convert some more RSRs.]

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Freestuff Comments

echokimono ( posted at 9:07AM Mon, 21 September 2015

Thanks for this :)

diastrophus ( posted at 7:35PM Sat, 19 September 2015

Thanks! Very useful :)

whbos ( posted at 6:14PM Sun, 23 August 2015

Many thanks for providing this. I downloaded some old props and had a need for this. I'm glad it was still available.

Der_Technomagier ( posted at 4:40AM Tue, 07 July 2015

A very helpful tool - thank you ver much

SusiBiker ( posted at 11:22PM Thu, 25 June 2015

Thank you so much!! A life-saver for old content :) Susi xx

FVerbaas ( posted at 6:42PM Sat, 30 May 2015

Suits for me!Thank you!

TheKeeper ( posted at 1:29PM Sun, 03 May 2015

Wow! Works great! Thank you, so much! ^^

Tomei ( posted at 9:19PM Tue, 07 April 2015

Thank you for this usefull little tool.Work best.

Morkonan ( posted at 11:49PM Wed, 11 February 2015

Just a note to say thanks! "Thanks," says Morkonan.I recently bought several old items and they still used the old .rsr file. Now, I can see what I bought in my libraries!

ajay753 ( posted at 6:52AM Sun, 08 February 2015

Many thanks, appreciated very much!

3dcheapskate ( posted at 11:26PM Wed, 05 November 2014

I keep finding old freebies and the first thing I do is install them in a temporary runtime, run this RSR to PNG, delete the RSRs, compress the poser files, and rezip everything. One (very minor!) niggle - it would be nice if it printed "Starting" and "Finished" in the text box. I often wonder "Did I actually click the button", and "is it still going, or has it finished?".   ;o)

Secondmoon ( posted at 11:10PM Tue, 04 November 2014

 Thank you ! Was displayed .

3dcheapskate ( posted at 10:37PM Thu, 09 October 2014

Marvellous! While I was using Poser 6 the RSRs weren't a problem (Poser 6 automatically converts any RSRs when you open a folder), but now that I'm using Poser 9 they're a pain! This little utility has removed that pain, so many thanks.

bandicameraman ( posted at 3:54AM Sun, 10 August 2014

Thank you so much for sharing this =)

kjcollins ( posted at 11:12AM Sun, 22 June 2014

Thanks very much.

savanna ( posted at 2:17PM Mon, 20 January 2014

Thank you :)

Aquariante7 ( posted at 9:50AM Sun, 05 January 2014

Thank you very much! :)

abg24 ( posted at 10:04AM Sun, 22 December 2013

Thanks little buddy, this has helped me out in a very big way. Now I don't have to guess-click any more! Heck, if its made by Dizzi, then its good enough for me!

Cabiria999 ( posted at 4:04PM Mon, 02 December 2013


belmont ( posted at 2:46PM Fri, 29 November 2013

Amazing, thanks so much!

Cenobite451 ( posted at 8:46PM Wed, 09 October 2013

novelist999 ( posted at 8:44AM Sun, 08 September 2013

Thank you! This is very helpful!

Miss_Hanson ( posted at 6:45AM Mon, 08 July 2013


Barbara1337 ( posted at 4:00PM Sat, 15 June 2013

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for this little program. Made using Poser much better when you can see the images for the pose.

BarTales ( posted at 12:51PM Sun, 09 June 2013

Super easy to use and worked like a charm; thanks!

ghostman ( posted at 12:44AM Sun, 05 May 2013

Thank you. :)

DisneyFan ( posted at 2:07PM Sun, 25 November 2012

Thank you! Beats firing up Poser 5 just to convert thumbnails... ;)

spider1313 ( posted at 4:14PM Fri, 09 November 2012

This is truly a lifesaver! Clicking thru all my saved poses...pose 1, pose 2, pose 3...was making me crazier than I already am! Thanks so much! Steve

adbc ( posted at 5:36AM Fri, 02 November 2012

Thank you ! Great tool.

RoguesBoyfriend ( posted at 1:55AM Wed, 26 September 2012

You made Poser enjoyable again! I had so many old files with no preview. This program is 5++ stars. Thank-you so much!