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 Subject: Poser installs two of everything from legacy zip files

Zaffer opened this issue on Sep 06, 2020 · 2 posts

  Zaffer ( posted at 4:13PM Sun, 06 September 2020 

Hi, I am installing Poser 11 Legacy files via File > Install from Zip Archive, and I noticed that many of the characters have two instances in the library. One is the CR2 file and one is the CRZ file. Does it matter which one I use? Can I get rid of one of them? Which one should I get rid of? Thanks. Zaffer

  randym77 ( posted at 5:45PM Sun, 06 September 2020 

CRZ files are compressed CR2 files. I don't think you need both. I would keep the CR2 and delete the CRZ.

  hborre ( posted at 7:44PM Sun, 06 September 2020 

As a warning, there are also folders that have been duplicated within the legacy content. Bondware is aware of it due to supporter tickets. Nothing has been done about so you're on your own editing content throughout your library.