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 Subject: Where is the Joint editor in Poser 11?

Darkworld opened this issue on Apr 09, 2019 · 6 posts

  Darkworld ( posted at 1:30PM Tue, 09 April 2019 · edited on 1:31PM Tue, 09 April 2019

I need to move some origin points. This used to be super easy with earlier poser, you just turn on joint editor and drag the axis of rotation to wherever you like (worked on both figures and props), but I'm having trouble finding it in Poser 11. Any tips?

  Glitterati3D ( posted at 2:19PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

Main Menu>Window>Joint Editor (where it's always been).

  Afrodite-Ohki ( posted at 2:20PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

Quick question: are you in Poser 11 or Poser 11 Pro? If I remember correctly, only the Pro version has a joint editor.

  Darkworld ( posted at 2:41PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

im in Poser 11 Pro

  Afrodite-Ohki ( posted at 3:05PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

Then it's right over here! ![image.png](

  Darkworld ( posted at 3:22PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

awesome TY!

  Afrodite-Ohki ( posted at 3:25PM Tue, 09 April 2019 

You're welcome!