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 Subject: Poser Staff Picks: April 1 - 7

Boni opened this issue on Apr 08, 2019 · 6 posts

  Boni ( posted at 3:05PM Mon, 08 April 2019 · edited on 4:14PM Mon, 15 April 2019

:balloon: Wow what a Great week!!:tada:

___ ___ [![image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Waiting at the window]({target="_blank"}   By [TrekkieGrrrl]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"} [Spring Bliss]({:target="_blank"}   By [sunfish]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({target="_blank"}   [La femme - Steps]({target="_blank"}   By [LadyNightVamp]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [La Vilaine Sorcière)]({:target="_blank"}   By [rikomortis]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [La Femme (heterochromia iridium)]({:target="_blank"}   By [goldie]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Kubicki LF]({:target="_blank"}   By [FreeBass]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({target="_blank"}   [Dream #14]({:target="_blank"}   By [legomegacy]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Not Mysefie]({:target="_blank"}   By [FreeBass]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Queen of Sheba]({:target="_blank"}   By [Rhia474]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [El HOmbre (La Femme)]({:target="_blank"}   By [goldie]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [River]({:target="_blank"}   By [FreeBass]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Rocky Mountain Mule Deer]({:target="_blank"}   By [Flint_Hawk]({:target="_blank"} ___ ___   #### :tada:**Congratulations!! Great images Everyone!!**:tada: ___


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  goldie ( posted at 3:27PM Mon, 08 April 2019 

Thanks team for including my images in this week's "Picks." Congrats to all !

  legomegacy ( posted at 4:42PM Mon, 08 April 2019 

Thank you. What an honor

  FreeBass ( posted at 4:57PM Mon, 08 April 2019 

What do I win? Trophy? Cash? Bacon??? Oh please, let it be bacon...


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  Flint_Hawk ( posted at 6:24PM Mon, 08 April 2019 

Thank you for picking my picture!

  LadyNightVamp ( posted at 5:01AM Tue, 09 April 2019 

Thank you!

  sunfish ( posted at 5:21PM Thu, 11 April 2019 

Thank you so much. It is really an honor, because my gallery is just a few months old ☺️