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 Subject: La Femme - Included face and body morphs

Deecey opened this issue on Feb 06, 2019 · 8 posts

  Deecey ( posted at 1:51PM Wed, 06 February 2019 · edited on 5:26PM Wed, 06 February 2019

I'm noticing there is some confusion about the face morphs and body morphs that are included with the La Femme base. The 30 face CHIPS on La Femme's face are primarily used for facial expressions and animations. Think of those as additional bones that animate or pose certain areas of the face. However, when you load La Femme into your scene, her face and body morphs are not automatically included. We did this to make her load "lean and mean." Now, look in the Pose folder, where you will find face and body morph injections so that you can add the morphs into La Femme. --- There are over 140 face morphs included in the RPublishing > LaFemme > Face Morphs folder. To inject all of them, use the INJ All Face Morphs injector. Or, if you only want to add certain regions of the face, you can find morphs for specific regions of the face in the RPublishing > LaFemme > Face Morphs > REGIONS folder. Here is a list of all of the morphs included for the face, which you can use as merchant resources to create your own characters. Please see the La Femme Users Guide on page 10 for instructions on how to create your character morph injection. There are a whole pile of them: **Brow and Forehead: ** BrowsArchAngled, BrowsArchRounded, BrowsDefine, BrowsRidgeInnerDown-Up, BrowsRidgeLow-High, BrowsRidgeOuterDown-Up, ForeheadSlope, Temples **Cheeks:** CheekbonesLow-High, CheekbonesShallow-Pronounced, CheekboneWidth, CheeksGaunt-Round, CheeksSuckIn, Balloon, CheeksWidth **Chin** ChinBack-forward, ChinCleft, ChinCrease, ChinRecessed-Jutting, ChinShort-Tall, ChinThin, ChinWeak-Strong, ChinWide **Ears**: EarElf1, EarElf2, EarsBack-Fwd, EarsDown-Up, EarsRotateBack-Fwd, EarsRotateIn-Out, EarsScale **Eye Positions: ** EyesSmaller-Larger, EyesApart, EyesBack, EyesDown, EyesForward, EyesTogether, EyesUp **Eyes Morphs:** CorneaBulge, EyeCreaseDeeper, EyeFoldHeight, EyeHeightInner, EyeHeightOuter, EyeInnerWidth, EyelidBottomCenterHeight, EyelidBottomInnerHeight, EyelidBottomOuterHeight, EyelidTopCenterHeight, EyelidTopInnerHeight, EyelidTopOuterHeight, EyeOuterWidth, EyesAsian, EyesBaggy, EyesNarrower, EyesTilt, IrisDepth, IrisSize, LacrimalSize, PupilSize, LowerLashCurl, LowerLashLength, UpperLashCurl, UpperLashLength **Face:** FaceFull, FaceRound, FaceSquare, FaceYounger, HeadWidth **Face Positions** FaceSize, FaceLong, FaceMidDepth **Jaw** JawCornerWidth, JawCurve, JawHeight, JawSharp **Lips:** LipCornersBack-Fwd, LipCornersDownup, LipCornersIn-Out, LipDefinition, LipHeavyUpper, LipLowerCenterHeight, LipLowerCleft, LipLowerFull, LipLowerThickness, LipProcheilon, LipsBowed, LipsDownturned, LipsFull, LipsHeart, LipsPouty, LipsRound, LipsThin, LipsWidth, LipUpperCenterHeight, LipUpperCleft, LipUpperCurve, LipUpperFull, LipUpperPeak, LipUpperThickness **Mouth:** MouthSize, MouthWidth, PhiltrumDefine, PhiltrumDepth, PhiltrumWidth, SmileWide, TeethFrontGap, UvulaRounder Mouth Positions: MouthBack, MouthDown, MouthForward, MouthOpen, MouthUp Nose: NoseAquiline, NoseBridgeDepth, NoseBridgeHeight, NoseBridgeWidth, NoseBump, NoseFleshy, NoseHeight, NoseLarge, NoseNubian, NosePInched, NoseProtrusion, NoseRidgeWidth, NoseRoman, NoseRound, NoseShapeSmall, NoseSlope, NoseTipDepth, NoseTipDown, NoseTipForward, NoseTipUp, NoseWidth, NoseWingsThin, NoseWingsUp, NoseWingsWide,NostrilCreaseDepth, NostrilDepth, NostrilHeight, NostrilSize, SeptumHeight, SeptumWidth You can also find some basic body morphs for La Femme in the RPublishing > LaFemme > Body Morphs folder. These can also be used as merchant resources: FBM  BodyFat Abdomen  NavelGone  Pregnant Arms and Hands  FingersShorter  FingersThicker  HandsLarger  KnucklesSmooth  NailsAlmond  NailsLength  NailsOval  NailsSharp Chest  BreastsApart  BreastsDefineCrease  BreastsDownGravity  BreastsFlattenGravity  BreastsHeight  BreastsSize  BreastsSmall  Breathe  Nipples Hip  GenitalSmooth Legs and Feet  KneesTogether  LegsThicken

  Deecey ( posted at 2:10PM Wed, 06 February 2019 

Here is a quick example of dial spins using the included face morphs. The trick is to dial them in sparingly, until you get the look you want. Left, default. Right, with face morph dial spins. ![morph.jpg](

  rokket ( posted at 5:28PM Fri, 15 February 2019 

Her textures look good in preview, wow...

If I had a nickle for ever time a woman told me to get lost, I could buy Manhattan.

  rokket ( posted at 5:11AM Mon, 18 February 2019 

Thank you for your wonderful gift. I am blown away by the generosity of the members here and on the SM site...

If I had a nickle for ever time a woman told me to get lost, I could buy Manhattan.

  Darkworld ( posted at 9:58AM Tue, 05 March 2019 

seems like a good thread for this question. Are there no FBMs for La Femme? I've bought and installed every morph I could find, and i'm only finding ways to morph every part individually, which obviously will take some time if you're trying to create a character i'd much rather dial body morphs for some of these rather than copy/paste per limb. are they tucked away somewhere and I'm not finding them? thanks!

  Deecey ( posted at 9:59PM Thu, 07 March 2019 

Did you get the La Femme Body Kit, and/or the Femme Fatale morphs? If so, you will find injectors for the body morphs in the Pose library if you purchased those.

  Darkworld ( posted at 12:27AM Fri, 08 March 2019 · edited on 12:27AM Fri, 08 March 2019

Right. I’m looking for the dials, not the injectors. I guess I should be asking has anyone made full body morphs for La Femme? I can dial each part individually was just curious if I’m missing some body dials somewhere.

  Deecey ( posted at 8:59AM Fri, 08 March 2019 · edited on 9:00AM Fri, 08 March 2019

Yes, there are FBMs included with the Body Kit and Femme Fatale. Can you take a screen shot of the BODY actor in La Femme? There should be FBM dials in there.

  Deecey ( posted at 9:56AM Fri, 08 March 2019 

Actually I have another question ... You said " i'd much rather dial body morphs for some of these rather than copy/paste per limb." Are you using Poser 11? (La Femme is designed for Poser 11 and above ... using her in earlier versions will not take advantage of all the features included in her). In Poser 11, you shouldn't need to copy/paste morph settings on each limb. The "Master Sync" feature in Poser 11 will drive all like-named morphs from any body part you dial in from. In other words, if you have the forearm selected and dial in the "Muscular" morph, any other body part that is affected by the "Muscular" morph will also get dialed in. I'm also not sure why you are not seeing the FBM dials. The folders are collapsed in the BODY actor but you should see FBM folders.