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 Subject: Exporting Michael 4 & Victoria 4 characters from Poser

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From Character Creator Pipeline version 3.02, users are allowed to export characters from Poser, and bring them into CC via **Transformer** function. Check the step-by-step tutorial >> ___ * **Compatible Characters**: Michael 4 and Victoria 4 characters ___ * **Conversion Process** 1. Go to File > Export > FBX to export FBX file from Poser 2. Set the **Export Range** ![1.png]( - Select "Multi frame export" - Keep the Frame Range as default 3. No need to change any settings in the **Select Objects** window ![97bedd81-8187-4231-b5d7-ded4.png]( 4. Set up the **Export Options** - Load preset: choose Unity5 ![2.png]( - Uncheck the option "Bake transparency to diffuse texture alpha" ![3.png]( 5. Click the OK button to export FBX file 6. Import the FBX file by pressing the **Transformer** button in Character Creator 7. Select the "BASIC" mode to start the conversion *Please note the "ADVANCED" mode won't work with characters exported from Poser because of the different texture saving structure. 8. You can refer to [Online Manual]( or [Tutorial]( to continue the settings ___ * **Known Issues & Workaround** 1. You may find some objects became invisible after using Transformer, which is caused by Poser automatically setting the Opacity value to zero if there is texture in Opacity channel when exporting FBX. - To solve this issue: Select the object, go to Material Setting on the Modify Panel, and adjust the Opacity value to 100. ![4.png]( 2. Importing clothes with invalid skin data will cause Character Creator to crash. - There is no positive workaround at the moment. We will update the program to accommodate these kind of files in a future patch.