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 Subject: Make a coil in Blender 2.6x

charlie43 opened this issue on Dec 04, 2012 · 1 posts

  charlie43 ( posted at 10:21PM Tue, 04 December 2012 

I've been scouring Google and the forums tonight to try to figure out how to make a coil in 2.6x. I want the obj to be 1/2 inch tubing that is modeled into a coil that has about 8-10- coils. They must be symmetrical and I need to be able to manipulate the ends (i.e. bend to make connections.) I've tried messing with different modifiers and nurbs curves but have had no luck. I also need to be able to know the diameter of the cylinder. I have used a feature before in 2.5x that allowed me to see the numeric values of what I am working on, but this tired old man cannot for the life of him find where this parameter is checked! Basically what I need is a helix coil with same size coils and with 8-10 segments, and to know their numeric value. Any help most definitely appreciated!   C~