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 Subject: Reality Render thread. A new beginning.

Pret-a-3D opened this issue on May 14, 2012 · 1 posts

  Pret-a-3D ( posted at 11:55PM Mon, 14 May 2012 

Hello. Let's start a "Reality Renders" thread here at Renderosity. This thread is dedicated to showcasing and discussing images created with LuxRender via the [Reality plug-in]( We started something like this in the DAZ foums before and it has been tremendously successful. Since Reality is now sold at [Renderosity]( it's fitting to have a place here for Reality/Lux artists to gather and "talk shop". Talking about images made with Reality is about sharing experiences at all levels, from the new adopter to the experienced guru. Please do not feel intimidated by a possible lack of experience; this is a place for sharing and learning in a relaxed environment. We have been able to create one incredibly friendly community at the DAZ forums and hopefully we will be able to repeat the experience here.  Here are some really simple "guidelines" on what to expect here: - Post a render just for heck of it. As long as it's done with Reality+Lux it's all fair. - Post a render and ask for advice. - Ask a question on how to achieve a desired effect/material/lighting trick. - Post information about new builds of Lux that can help other Reality artists. And so on. The above points are just suggestions, I don't make the rules :) So, I look forward to seeing your images. Remember to subscribe to this thread so that you can get automatic notifications.  Just for your information, Reality has a strong presence on social networks: - [Facebook]( - [Twitter]( - [Google+]( Please Like/Follow/Circle us for updates on the plug-in, cool information about the 3D world and general Reality goodness. Ladies and gentlemen, start your rendering engines!

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