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 Subject: Problem installing vicky 4 on Windows 7 Error reading INI file

dwj012754 opened this issue on Apr 27, 2012 · 1 posts

  dwj012754 ( posted at 7:45AM Fri, 27 April 2012 

My previous laptop which ran Windows XP died, and the new one is Windows 7.  When I installed Poser 9, it defaulted to c:Program Files (x86)...    The program came up, but when I attempted to install Vicky 4, I got this error 'Error reading INI file C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesDAZdzInstall.ini. Based on similar problem resolutions, I deleted Poser 9 and reinstalled in the root directory under c:Smith MicroPoser 9.  The program came up, but when I tried to install Vicky 4, it gives the exact same error message about the dzInstall.ini file mentioned above. I have tried finding the file and even searched the registry with 'regedit', but cannot find a way to make the install program for DAZ look in the new location. Has anyone else solved this problem and can give me a clue to get my content into the new Poser 9 installation?