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 Subject: Material Room, Nodes & Shaders - Tutorials and Discussions (Bookmarks - Updated)

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Please change your bookmark. I've updated the Shaders and Nodes bookmarks. I've broken them down by site, and I've grouped various topics together as best as I could.  I've also included a portion on bagginsbill's Matmatic which includes a link to download it, links to various scripts as well as instructions on how to use it. Please feel free to continue to add tutorials and deep discussions to this thread so that it stays up-to-date. ******Please try to keep this thread for bookmarks only and if you need help on something please create a new thread.****** ** MATERIAL ROOM BEGINNERS - START HERE:** [ ****A material tutorial for beginners****]( [ ****Poser Material Room: Node by Node by ynsaen****]( [ ****Node by Node 2 - Math Nodes by ynsaen****]( [Intro to the Material Room]( [ Bagginsbill Explains It All]( ** ** **MATERIAL ROOM TUTORIALS AND DISCUSSIONS:** **TUTORIALS FOUND AT DAZ3D AND POSER PROS:** [Glowing Eyes]( [Beautiful Skin with the P5 Skin and Translucence]( [displacement node]( [Make some reflections of your figures]( [Raytracing in Poser5, Part Two]( [Naked elf bathing in the forest stream...(water tutorial)]( [Poser Ambience Tips]( **TUTORIALS AND DISCUSSIONS FOUND AT RENDEROSITY:** [ Silk Stockings and Leg Shaders by Bagginsbill]( [ Wolford Tights Textures]( **           Car Paint:** [ Car Paint]( [ Car Shine]( [ Pearlescent paint]( [ Matroom Trick; More Car Paint]( [ Poser 6+ car finishes]( [ Car Paint Revisted]( [ Car Paint Revisted 2]( **            FUR: ** [ Fur New version for your Poser animals- Shader Node Poser5]( [ More About Fur]( [ Procedural Grass Technique]( [ Grass Shader]( [ Partial Fur Displacement]( **            REFLECTIONS & REFRACTIONS: ** [ Reflection in P6]( [ mirror]( [ Floor Reflection]( [ Floor and Wall reflection]( [ Reflections in Poser 6]( [ make shiny metal in Poser 6]( [ Poser 6 Glass Figure]( [ Better Reflections]( [ Diamonds That Look Like Diamonds in Poser 6 (Deep Discussion on Reflection and Refraction)]( [ Reflection Map Node]( [ make shiney chrome/steel in Poser 6 Mat Room]( [ Making a Reflection]( [ Get Coloured Glass to Reflect on a Surface]( **            CHANGING HUE & COLOURS OF HAIR ETC: ** [ Making Yuki's Red hair Brown with HSV node]( [ Making Black Hair Maps Sandy Brown, or any red]( [ Changing Hair Colour]( [ change the hair color]( [ Combating Black Shadows in Light Coloured Hair]( [ More on Light Hair with Black Blotches]( [ Making hair shiny in image-based lighting]( [ Adjusting Material Hue & Saturation in Material Room P6]( [ Adjusting Hue Inside Material Room]( [ Special Colours in the Material Room]( **           GLOW WITHOUT LIGHTS: ** [ P6 Lighting without Lighting using gather node]( [ Creating bioluminescence with P6 shader nodes]( [ make things glow without lights - Gather node]( [ glow effect in poser]( [ Iridescence in Poser 6]( [ More Iridescence in P6]( [ Even More Iridescence in Poser]( [ Glowing Light Effect in Poser]( [ Glowing Eyes]( **            MAKE WATER: ** [ How to make water in Poser]( [ Under Water with IBL]( **            NODE MASKS: ** [ Splitting your figures in Half. Blending 2 textures with nodes.]( [ Using "Node Masks" in Poser5]( [ Adding insignia patch]( [ Decals in Poser 5,6 and 7 using nodes]( [ Using "Node Masks" in Poser5]( [ Tattoos]( **            HOW DO I ATTACH?: ** [ How do you apply a displacement map?]( [ Working with Transmaps]( [ Attaching a Reflection Map]( **            MAKE WEATHER: ** [ how to make SNOW]( [ How to Make Dust]( [ How to Make Lightening in Poser (Transmap)]( **            MISC: ** [ ghostly figure]( [ Foggy Techique]( [ invert the noise material]( [ Transparent Textures]( [ Ambient vs. Translucence]( [ How to make eye glasses look real]( [ apply an image map to the Ground Plane in P7]( [ shadows cast from jewelry]( [ Minitut - Dramatic light and shadows for portraits - NO NOSTRIL GLOW]( [ How to make Cloth look wet]( [ old fashioned pinup or illustration shader nodes]( [ Creating Foot Prints]( [ Creating Tears with Displacement Maps by Neftis]( [ Black and White Rendering]( [ Creating Foot Prints]( [ P5 Blender Node Trick]( [ Easy Head Lights]( [ Spinning A Texture]( [ Apply Material Room Textures from Pose Library - Change an .mt5 file to a .pz2]( [ silhouette colors on various elements]( [ create visible lights in Poser]( [ Brocaded Mats]( [ reducing Koz hair speculars in P6]( [ Non Random Noise Node]( [ Realism Tip - Use the Ambient_Occlusion node]( [ no shadow under hat]( [ Shadow Colour - Getting Blue Tinged Shadows]( [ Faking Ambient Occlusion in Interiors for speed and better results]( [ Realistic Skin Textures]( [ what color is neutral grey for bumps...?]( [ Transparency Discussion & Example Setups]( [ Height Map Discussion]( [ Stripes in the Material Room]( [ making ghosts of Poser figures]( [ stack textures]( [ Using Tile Resources]( ** COMICS AND TOONS (TRADITIONAL AND POSER RELATED):** [Digital Coloring: Flatting, by Mark Sweeny - PDF]( [Digital Coloring: Layer Setup by Dave McCaig and others (at Gutterzombie)]( [Drawing Comics in Illustrator by Brian Denham (at Illcraft)]( [2D Comic Art in Poser: Line Renders]( [ Using Tile Resources]( [2D Comic Art in Poser Part 2: Digital Inking]( [jwToon Shaders]( [ More on Toons and Toon Node]( [ Comic Renders In Poser]( [ Cartoon Shaders]( [USE PHOTOSHOP TO INK YOUR TOON RENDERS]( **TUTORIALS AND DISCUSSIONS FOUND AT RDNA:** [ node defined]( [ Stupid Node Tricks Vol 1 - Math Nodes]( [ Stupid Node Tricks Vol 2 - Math Node]( [ Stupid Node Tricks Vol 3 - Math Nodes]( [ Node by Node 2 - Math Nodes]( [ Math_Function uses #1: Slopes, Lines and Points: Part 1 Intro]( [ Math_Function uses #3]( [ The Gather node]( [ Chrome tutorial]( [ P6 Lights &Nodes]( [ HDRI reflection maps in Poser 6]( [ IBL Ins and outs]( [ Jeans Material]( [Aquatic Backgrounds using Depth Cue]( [Node Tricks - Rocky Ground Blends]( [ P6 Node Setup for Scales]( [ ]([Realistic Skin]( [ Water Material]( [ More on Water Material]( [ Procedural Material - Gold Fish Scales]( [ Math Floor function at CastlePoser - RDNA Discussion]( [ Alternate Diffuse and Specular Channels]( [ Incredible! Realism tutorial with ApolloMax stuff by Olivier]( [ Porcelain-like skin by bagginsbill]( [ The Fresnel Effect - Glass, Paint, Plastic, and Metal]( [ Color masking by Olivier]( [ HDRI IBL in Poser using LDRI with Nodes by bagginsbill]( [ Stupid Shader trick: "invisible" ground by stewer]( [ Node Based Human Irises? by Mizrael]( [ Reverse Fresnel Effect]( [ Skin Shaders]( [ The beginning of a skin shader]( [ Working With Porcelin]( [ Velvet Texture]( [ Diffuse, Clay, Skin and Velvet nodes]( [ Olivier's Ghost FX Tutorial by seank]( [ Render layers!!! Ghosting FX! :) by Olivier]( [ Dual Materials with Stencils by bagginsbill]( [ Faking Ambient Occlusion for Interiors by bagginsbill]( [ Depth Map Discussion]( [ Slime Shader]( [ Make Smoke in Poser Material Room]( **CASTLE POSER TUTORIALS:** [COLOR MATHS: THE BASICS]( [MATHS: BIAS]( [Math Floor Function (Castle Poser Tutorial)]( ** TUTORIALS FROM OTHER SITES:** Human skin shading [Creating Water Textures]( [Mec4D Mini Tutorials]( [Image Based Lighting in Poser 6]( [How to achieve more realistic skin textures in Poser 5]( [Ambient Occlusion Node Tutorial]( [Material Room - beyond the first step]( [Material Room - beyond the first step, part 2]( [The Probelight node]( **           MATMATIC: ** [ Matmatic Demo]( [ Matmatic Demo - Mixing nodes tutorial script]( [ ]([Matmatic Loom]( [ Plaids Using The Loom]([ Matmatic Fur]( [ Vargas Shader by bagginsbill]( [ Matmatic Skin for Jessi]( [ Matmatic Bricks]( [ Matmatic Jessi Algorithmic Eye Makeup]( [ Matmatic Plaid]( [ Matmatic Tiny Fibers by bagginsbill]( [ Matmatic gurus - graph your functions fast by bagginsbill]( [ Matmatic Star Fields for Outer Space]( [ Matmatic car paint by bagginsbill]( [ Matmatic Rope Shader]( [ Matmatic - Cartesian to Polar Coordinates - Material Room]( [ Parmatic! Automatically Parameterize your Materials]( [ Matmatic Leather Shader]( [ Matmatic Fur]( [ Polka Dots]( [ Matmatic for Poser 7]( [ Faking Ambient Occlusion for Interiors]( [ Faking Ambient Occlusion for Interiors]( [ Candle Shader](            **How to use Matmatic:** It's super easy to use.  Unforutnately I was over thinking stuff and had trouble, hehe 1.  **Unzip matmatic to your Poser runtime. Not to an external one**, right into your Poser runtime. It's in proper runtime structure, so do not move any files around. **The script sits directly in the "Python" folder and not in the "scripts" subfolder. Do not move it.** 2.  Matmatic comes with some scripts. There are others too.  See the  second page of the"[Shaders & Nodes](" thread for a list of relevant RDNA threads for more scripts. 3. After you have unzipped matmatic to your Poser runtime, open Poser. 4. File/Run Python Script 5. Browse to the Python/Matmatic folder and select the script. 6. Run it. That's all.  You won't see anything visible except a message in the window saying something about compilation complete.  That means that Matmatic read the scripts and generated material files that you access in the material room just like any other materials.  It's not like Wardrobe Wizard where you have to run the script each time. After you have run Matmatic and it has generated shaders based on the scripts it read, you can go to the material and use the shaders/materials just like you would any other material in your materials library. If you want to add a button to your python scripts window in Poser, [ follow the instructions in this thread.](  Dimension3D explained to me how to add an extra button, and to even make a subscript button where you can have as many scripts in there as you want. 7. Go to the material room and locate your poser libraries material folder. Look for "Matmatic Demos".  Inside are the materials that Matmatic generated when you ran the script. **NOTE:  Matmatic generates errors if you have your files are compressed.  If you compress your files, uncompress them before you run Matmatic.** If you want to add more scripts, go to the links I posted in the shaders&Nodes thread, and locate the script attachments in the RDNA threads.  Open the text file because you are going to save it. Decide on a name IE: ReptileScales  and browse to your Poser/Library/Materials/Matmatic Demo folder.  Create a new folder in there called "ReptileScales"   Then save the text file to that folder and call it  "ReptileScales.mm1.txt" **Each mm1.txt   script file has to have it's own separate folder. **Then go into Poser and run the Matmatic Python Script to generate the shaders/materials from that script you have just save. That's all there is too it.  Unfortunately matmatic is a script only, and doesn't generate .png files. So the materials are shown in the material room library as the shrugging man icon. If you want thumbnails, open a primative, apply the material and render a 91 x 91 thumbnail and save it as a .png file with  the same name of the shrugging man icon you are replacing.

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