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 Subject: SM Poser Forum Kapoof

EldritchCellar opened this issue on Sep 03, 2020 · 23 posts

  Penguinisto ( posted at 8:07AM Fri, 04 September 2020 

[EldritchCellar]( posted at 5:52AM Fri, 04 September 2020 - [#4398600](#msg4398600) > Seems to be a pattern. There's dead ends aplenty here also. The poser user base would literally be in the dark ages if not for all that information... > > Gone. Tempus Fugit. Memento Mori. Didn't Rendo say they were porting-over the old fora? Can't recall offhand if they said that or not. In either event, maybe once Mr. Bart collects all the info, maybe various luminaries (who can be contacted) can go through and de-chaff what he collected, then put it in a format that can be downloaded and used offline? I mean, it can't be any bigger than the typical texture set these days... ;)