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 Subject: SM Poser Forum Kapoof

EldritchCellar opened this issue on Sep 03, 2020 · 23 posts

  HartyBart ( posted at 2:09AM Fri, 04 September 2020 · edited on 2:12AM Fri, 04 September 2020

The full SM forums (not just Poser) will be archived at the Internet Archive in due course, for personal indexing and search via free keyword software such as DocFetcher. Last night I promised a certain very naughty band of super-squirrels even more nuts, and they have scampered back in to the still-live server and have been able to purloin 75% of the forum images, I'm pleased to say. I've just now tweaked the HTML to sync these 1Gb of images, so that they show inline in the pages for each forum thread. I'm now just waiting on another delivery from the Wayback Machine, to see if this first image haul can be further supplemented with missing images.