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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 588 posts

  wolf359 ( posted at 1:55AM Fri, 12 July 2019 

>Exporting out anything in DS is not in any way a "deal >killer", anymore than importing/exporting anything else >(FBX stuff for me >lately). Couple of clicks, and it is >done. It is the nature of 3d art at this level No it is not a "deal killer" for people like you, who are obviously willing to learn something new to achieve your objectives. In most conversations I see about getting content in from Daz, as soon as you start with: "Open Daz studio and...." you lose 90 percent of your audience as they say they can't grasp the interface etc. >These comments prove you know nothing about rigging >clothing in Poser. If there are new improved rigging options in Poser 11 pro then indeed my understanding is limited by the fact that I have only the poser pro 2014 fitting room to compare to the Daz transfer utility I have used both and IMHO,and that of many former poser vendors I know, there is no comparison in terms of getting a predictable,usable,morphs included, result with 3 mouse clicks, compared to the fitting room "experience".