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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 587 posts

  wolf359 ( posted at 6:39PM Thu, 11 July 2019 · edited on 6:44PM Thu, 11 July 2019

>What are its import/export capabilities, and would it be >worth my while to get, considering the massive >(multi-hundred-GB) DAZ Studio content directory that >parallels the massive (also multi-hundred-GB) Poser >content directories that I've amassed over the past >almost 20 years? Even though poser import capability has not changed much in 15 + years I dont see any evidence that People are interested in importing anything that first requires an export from from a copy of Daz studio installed on their system. Having to install and launch Daz studio ,for a single instant, is a deal killer, which is one of the main reasons why so few are using the will dial script ,I have been told. I think the ONE thing that Bondware should address immediately is poser's conforming clothing rigging tools. It needs to be much easier and MUCH better than the "fitting room". I am not interested in being a Daz PA however I need custom, one off outfits for my animated film projects. I modeled (in C4D) ,and then rigged, this sportsware outfit in literally 3 mouse clicks per item (shoes,shirt,pants) after import with the Daz transfer utility. And the clothing will auto follow every morph I have installed from dwarf to hulking Minotaur . Ask any former poser clothing merchant why they moved to Daz, and they will ALL tell you its the clothing rigging tools. ![sportsware.jpg.jpg](