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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 588 posts

  shvrdavid ( posted at 9:23PM Tue, 09 July 2019 · edited on 9:25PM Tue, 09 July 2019

Hmm, improvements... * New UI's that are op system dependent, IE fast and responsive taking advantage of what each op system offers. Customization, etc * Expose all internal functions to python. Update Python to version 3. Keep 2.7 in there so old scripts still work. * Turing and AMD support for Superfly * Fix the reported bugs... * Expose Bullet console * Animation tools like you find in an animation software, add frames here, etc, etc. * Finish FBX integration. * Update Superfly to use current Cycles functions and nodes. Including Multiple pass renders and combining them with nodes * Particle hair * Proper API support that doesn't have the limitations the current addon system does. * Save UI state that remembers things like collapsed things, just about everyone else mentioned.... * CR2 editor tab, with appropriate tools. Option for scene/save edit as well * Loop, vertex, and face selection in the Morph Brush * Savable, morph copy selection settings. And any other irritating area you can think of that should be able to do that.... * Joint parameters, add new channel button. * Auto rig and auto weight mapping, to at least give you a quick start on a new figure. Quad and biped * Definable bone names for functions that presently ignore unknown names. * Live preview of some sort, that will at least play animations at a decent frame rate. * Put scaling back into the direct manipulation tool. * Translations on either side of the joint. * Proper bulge map scaling. * And anything else I cant presently remember, lol

Some things are easy to explain, others are not....